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In this video we've put together two guys who couldn't be more opposite. First meet James, a straight, cocky, Mexican, Cali boy. He's cute and sexy and at 21 years old is 5' 11'' of slender muscle, the kind that you can only build naturally from surfing the beaches of California your entire life. And, when not riding the waves he's motocross racing and when not doing that, he's rough fucking Latina pussy - because he says ''brown is beautiful''.  When Caruso asks him why he thinks he'd be right for porn, he says he's ''pretty damn good at getting his dick hard'' - and he proves it by sporting a big, rock hard boner within a few minutes of stripping down.  And when you see his hot body, big dick and sexy looks, you'll know right away that he's not lying about fucking lots of pussy.  This dude has no trouble finding girls willing to spread for him - as a matter of fact he fucks so much pussy that when Caruso asks him the strangest place he's had sex, he spouts off endless locations including a 'Subway' bathroom and behind the counter at 'Subway'. You'll have to watch 'After the Shoot' to hear him ramble off the other places.  All those lucky girls getting that hot sexy boy's nice 7.5'' cock - well today it's Gage's turn.  Gage is a new Bait boy at the barely legal age of 18 and is as quiet and shy as James is loud and cocky. This teen has a strange story or maybe he's just sexually confused - you be the judge.  So, get this - he tells us that he's pretty much straight and loves to fuck pussy, but here's the twist, he also gets off on servicing dominant dudes. But, it gets stranger... he sucks dick, gets fucked, but he doesn't get off on it like most of us - with a sperm shooting, mind blowing orgasm.  Instead for him it's an orgasm that blows his mind which is a real thing and sometimes referred to as a 'Mindgasm'.  So, the fact is that Gage cums when he fucks a chick, but just blows his mind when a guy fucks him. OK, so now we've seen it all and so will you when James meets Gage and fucks the living daylight out of him!  Like James says making porn ''is all about fucking butts and bustin' nuts''.