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''Fucking Machine''

Back after a long departure, one of our most experienced and beloved bait boys, Tucker Forrest in on Caruso's couch. He back and hotter than ever with pounds of new muscle packed onto his body. Tucker is a great bait boy because he knows just how to handle those straight guys having done it it ten times in our studio, and who knows how often on his own time. And Tucker makes it no secret that he loves getting fucked and sucking cock and does it a lot! With his looks and his new body, he gets as much dick as he wants. In addition to his newly added muscle, he has great legs and one of the hottest butts in the business - not to mention his really nice 7.5'' cock.  Caruso decides to hook him up with Gaven, a cocky, energized and talkative 21 year old straight boy he just flew in from out of town.  Caruso asks Gaven why he'd be good at porn and the boy replies ''I'm a 'fucking machine'... the Energizer bunny''. And, after you see him fuck Tucker, you won't be questioning that assertion. Gaven is on the short side, but his body is rockin' - sexy as all fuck - he's a bit on the stocky side, his body is tight as a drum and nicely muscled. His best quality is his legs and a bubble butt that just doesn't end. Between him and Tucker you'll see two super hot and sexy butts. Caruso asks Gaven if he's ever had a 3way. He says he has, he double teamed a chick with a buddy and that he would do one with Tucker ''so long as our balls don't touch''.  Well Caruso explains a DP scene is a possibility and Gaven says ''well as long as I'm getting paid''. So, Caruso goes through the boner test bullshit and getting the girl for them and then finally dumps the bad news on Gaven... there's no girl coming and his only alternative is to have sex with Tucker. ''Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, says Gaven ''are you fucking kidding me!'' Looking at Tucker, he says ''I'm not fucking doing it with you!''  But before long,  Gaven is saying ''I'm still straight and I love pussy'' as Tucker jacks the straight boy's cock. Gaven comments ''That's not bad'' and starts fucking Tucker's hand. Gaven was hesitant to jack Tucker's cock, but he did. You can tell he's had no experience jerking another dude's cock - he's really rough and it looks like he's going to pull our poor bait boy's dick off. With the guys standing, Tucker pulls Gaven in for his first gay kiss and there's a few pecks and Gaven pulls away, but at Caruso's request Gaven allows a little more of that mouth to mouth action. Now, Tucker is sucking Gaven's really nice 7'' cock for all it's worth.  Tucker has the rep for being a really, really great cock sucker as well as super hot bottom. There's not a cock big enough that he won't take. As Gaven is enjoying a blowjob from a dude, he says ''If you think I'm gonna suck his dick - you're dead wrong''.  Caruso doesn't take that crap and tells Gaven it's part of the deal. So, poor Gaven gets on his knees and officially becomes a cocksucker... and not a bad one from the look on Tucker's face.  As he's getting ready to put Tucker's cock in his mouth he sees the piercing, he has no idea what a P.A. is and when he finds out he remarks ''painfully awkward''. But, as he finishes up giving his first bj, he says ''it's not bad at all''. Caruso now tells Gaven to check out Tucker's ass. Gaven gets up close and personal with hands on for a thorough examination and concludes ''it's fuckable''. So, he rubbers up and before he puts his cock into another dude's asshole, he has to tell us ''for the record, I'm still fucking straight''. Tucker warns him to go easy with his thick cock ''it's an asshole, not a vagina'' he says. Gaven starts fucking Tucker in the doggy position and he's worked up and horny, pounding that bubble butt for all he's worth. After a while, Caruso tells them to change positions, but Gaven requests a little more fucking time doggy style. He gets that time, but Tucker wants to finish off on his back and Gaven goes right at it like he was fucking his current girlfriend Stephanie. He wants to fuck Tucker like he fucks a chick, so he lifts Tuckers legs up and puts them on his shoulders and ploughs into the dude with everything he has. Tucker is in ecstasy, moaning louder than we ever heard him on camera before.  While Gaven is pounding away, in his lust he says ''you gonna cum baby'', ''I'm almost there'' answers Tucker. But, Gaven is so turned on from fucking Tucker's tight hole that he can't wait and pulls out, rips the condom off and blows his load on Tucker. Check out the look of disappointment on Tucker's face when Gaven pulls out as he was on the edge and just about ready to cum -  and he now has to rub one out while his hole is empty.  Both guys are sweaty and breathing heavily in their post orgasmic period and Caruso sends them off to the shower. During the ATS interview, Caruso asks Gaven if would do it again and he says ''for money... or maybe if I was drunk''.  You gotta see hot, sexy Gaven, turns out he is a straight fucking machine!