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''No homo... you know''... that's what our hot, hunky straight boy Blake let's Caruso know about him touching cocks with another dude during a double penetration - and this cocky dude has lots to say. Originally from New York, he's lived in Palm Beach for half his life where he wrestled in high school and became an avid golfer. He's a handsome 20 year old dude who stands 6'1'', with blue eyes brown hair, a rockin' body, a sexy bubble butt and a thick 7'' cock - he's a stud and he knows it. He tells Caruso he's been fucking girls since he's 13 years old. He fucked his high school golf coach as well as his music teacher (both female of course) and thinks he's perfect for porn. Caruso matches him up with Bait boy Patrick who is just as a hot and also originally from New York and also an athlete, an ice hockey player since he was 3 years old. Patrick is also 6'1'', he's 21 and has a super hot body, especially great thighs and beautiful 7.5'' cock. The main differences between the two hunky boys, Blake is very outgoing and talkative, Nick is a bit on the quiet side, Blake is fair skinned, Patrick is darker, Blake is super straight while Patrick is plenty gay. So, the boys meet and before long, we are admiring their beautiful nakedness as they watch pussy porn and stroke their cocks until they're both rock hard. Caruso goes to get the 'girl' and upon his return delivers the bad news - the girl didn't show. Their only option is to have sex with each other. Blake laughs and then realizes Caruso doesn't seem to be joking, ''are you serious'' he says, ''fuck no'' - and we see that his dick has already gone limp. Caruso asks if he ever thought about having sex with another dude - ''fuck no'' he replies again. Blake is shocked when Patrick agrees to do to the gay sex deal. But, Caruso explains to him how you don't have to be gay to do it with a dude and how mostly straight girls do lesbian scenes and Blake buys into it. He says he'll give it a try, an on Caruso's cue, Patrick grabs Blake's cock and starts stroking it. Blake says ''kind of uncomfortable'' as he intently stays focused on the straight porn video playing on the studio monitor. Caruso then tells Blake to stroke Patrick's cock, and he reluctantly takes hold and jacks his new buddy. Once they're worked up enough, Caruso tells Patrick to suck Blake's cock - not having to be asked twice he's down on his knees with that hot 7'' dick down his throat. Blake says ''dude, you're surprisingly good at this'', little does he know that he's getting sucked off by someone who's done this for many years - including his high school hockey coach - right in his coach's office! The two boys follow Caruso's instructions and stand and rub their cocks together - Patrick pulls Blake in for a kiss and to everyone's surprise, they go at it for a while. Blake even says ''not bad''. Now it's Blake's turn to suck Patrick's 7.5 incher and he's not too happy about that... ''fucking disgusting'' he grunts, but he gives it a try. But, Blake just cannot put more than the tip in his mouth. He later tells Caruso it doesn't taste like pussy - it smells like my dick and tastes like it smells, fucking sweaty man smell. Caruso doesn't push it, but instead tells him it's time to fuck some ass. So, Blake slips on a condom, Patrick is raring to go and gets into the doggy position. As Blake penetrates his hot butt, Patrick is moaning and Blake says ''his ass is way tighter than a girls''. As Blake picks up speed, Patrick says ''dude, that dick is fucking big'' but within seconds is saying ''oh, oh, fuck it'' through his moans of pleasure. Watch how focused Blake is on the porn, watching some dude fuck pussy as he fucks Patrick. Patrick then turns over on his back, legs up waiting for Blake's hot cock, but looking at Patrick's cock and the fact that he's fucking a dude makes Blake go limp. Blake works himself up again and shoves his cock back into Patrick's hole and fucks the boy silly. Patrick moans and then finally can't hold back and blows his load. It doesn't take Blake but a few seconds to pull out, get on his knees and jack a load onto Patrick's flat, sexy belly. Both boys take a few minutes to come down from their orgasmic highs and Caruso sends them off to the showers. In the 'After the Shoot' interview, Caruso finds out all kinds of interesting things about the boys. He also asks Blake what he thought about his first gay sex experience and they chat about it for a few minutes before Blake kind of figures things out and concludes ''I was bamboozled''.