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The Man and the Boy

First, let's start with the man, Hugh Hunter. Hugh is all man and at 39 years old, he stands 5'11'' and weighs in at 230lbs which is mostly solid muscle he built by way of a seven day a week intense gym work out. Hugh is originally from Chicago where he played hockey in high school. He's a handsome dude with brown hair and eyes, big biceps, broad shoulders and a rippled stomach - yet some of his best assets are below the waist, like his massive bubble butt, his thick, 8.5'' cock and a pair of extraordinary legs. Check him out dressed in jeans where you can see his rock hard muscled calves and thighs nearly bursting out through the fabric. For you ink lovers, he's got some really great tats on his chest as well as a sleeve which represents early civilizations as well as Greek mythology which is a passion of his. He travels worldwide (has a lot of sex with dudes he meets- his own words) and visits historical sites where the human race got it's start. Brawn, brains and a big cock - what else could you ask for!  Hugh loves to have sex and straight guys just make his day, he says it's because they're new at it and he likes to be the first. Now, Hugh has no problem finding hot young dudes (his preference) for sex, so Caruso has to make sure the straight guy was up to his standards and we think he makes a great match with Dimitri. Dimitri is a 20 year old Jersey boy who's an avid skateboarder. He works out occasionally, but it's the skating that gives him that hot muscular, jock body. This boy is good looking, built and hung at 8 inches and he also tells Caruso that he has lots of sex - no secret there. But, little does he know that this will be his first time having sex with a dude. Caruso introduces the guys and has them strip down, watch some pussy porn and work up their boners. These two studs are hard and ready in no time, but unfortunately, the girl who they were supposed to do a double penetration scene with, couldn't work today. So, Caruso offers them double the money to have sex with each other. Straight boy Dimitri was a bit taken aback by the offer, but after talking it out with Hugh and Caruso for a little while, agreed to give it a go. That's when Hugh grabs the boy's cock and starts jacking it without waiting for the go ahead from Caruso - and Dimitri doesn't seem to mind. He gets rock hard in no time as Hugh enjoys jacking that big dicked boy. Caruso tells Dimitri to stroke Hugh, but Hugh isn't waiting. He throws his enormous thigh over the straight boy's thigh holding him firmly in place as he grabs Dimitri's hand and puts it on his thick, almost 9 inches of cock. Our straight boy appears to be right at home jacking off his new older, bodybuilder buddy Hugh. Soon enough Caruso has Dimitri stand up, and Hugh knows this is his cue to start sucking the boy's cock, and he enthusiastically goes to town on it. You can tell by now that Hugh, even though he fucks just about whoever he wants, is pretty turned on by this sexy, young straight boy. Next, on the director's instruction, the guys stand up and rub their cocks together. Hugh takes fast advantage of the situation that Caruso just set up and grabs his boy's head and goes in for an open mouth kiss. Dimitri, who later blames his reaction on being ''in the heat of the moment'' just goes for it and together they produce one of the hottest, if not the hottest, make out sessions we've ever seen on BaitBuddies.com. But, now Caruso tells Dimitri that he has to suck his first cock, and what a hot muscle stud and what a big piece of meat he gets for his first try!  Dimitri starts out slow as most of these straight dudes do, but he quickly gets the hang of it and seems to start getting into making his man feel good. By the time he's done sucking Hugh's cock, both guys are heated up to the hilt and in need of getting off. So, without any prompting, Hugh pretty much indicates he wants to get fucked by boy stud Dimitri. Caruso hands Dimitri a rubber and they're off and running. Dimitri penetrates Hugh's big bodybuilder butt with his 8 inch cock and starts fucking his man Hugh. ''Fuck yeah, fuck yeah'', chants Hugh as the boy pounds his hot butt. ''Does that work?'' Hugh asks Dimitri... ''Give it to me'' he shouts. Dimitri continues to pummel Hugh doggy style for quite a while as they moan and grunt to each other ''Fuck me''... ''yeah, yeah''... ''like that''.  Hugh then gets on his back, lifts his huge muscular legs to give Dimitri access to his hole and says ''put that big fucking dick in me!'' Dimitri slides right in and fucks his man real good until Hugh shoots a load all over his muscular stomach and pecs. Caruso then gives us a good look at all that cum as well as Hugh's perfect white teeth smiling from a great post orgasmic high. Dimitri is soon to follow as he jacks his jock meat until he shoots his big load all over Hugh. Man and boy are both very satisfied - we know you will be too!