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Viva Mexico!

Nick, the straight country boy from Tennessee returns. Nick has been living in south Florida for a while, a big change from the small rural town in the mountains where he grew up.  Nick is tall and has a naturally slender and well toned body from being a runner.  His good looks, sensuous lips and thick cock are part of his Mexican heritage. You might remember that the first time he was at Bait Buddies, Nick told us that he has a real high sex drive and jacks off ten to twelve times a day!  Nick thought he was perfect for porn, he could fuck lots of pussy and shoot lots of big loads. Well, this innocent guy had no idea what he was in for. Instead of pussy, we showed him what gay sex was all about and he liked it. So, Caruso asked him if he would get fucked if we had him back - ''maybe'' he said.  So, when he recently called Caruso looking for work, he was told that it would require him getting fucked - and he agreed to it. Around that time, a porn star, Alessandro Del Toro, a stocky Mexican bear with a big cock, called to say he was in town and would love to get on the site - he'd been asking Caruso for a long time. Caruso figured he could pair Alessandro, an aggressive top, with Nick and let them go at it. So, without the normal Bait Buddies set up, Caruso introduces the guys and tells them to go for it - and boy do they! They start out with a long, wet, sloppy and noisy kissing session, to swapping blowjobs, to Alessandro pummeling Nick's virgin butthole with his big cock until both boys cum in an explosive finale. The boys are sent to clean up in the shower and upon their return, Caruso asks Nick if he liked it and would do it again - YES - was his answer. Viva Mexico!