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''It tasted good''

In the opening scene we find Caruso talking to our newest bait boy, Kyler, who is happy to be in Ft Lauderale taking a rest from a very cold winter up north in New York City. Kyler is a hottie, he's cute, stands 5'11'', has blond hair and green eyes, his slender yet well proportioned body is very nicely toned and firm. And he's A+ in the dick department with a thick, smooth 7.5 inches of flawless pink cock. Caruso gets a laugh when he asks Kyler what type of guys he likes and his answer is ''anything with a dick''. Perhaps that's true, but we think that Kyler, with his looks, does pretty well for himself - except when it comes to straight guys. He tells us that he loves masculine, jock type straight guys, the kind of dude who was fucking all the girls in high school - but low and behold, at 22 years old, he's never yet had the opportunity to have sex with a straight boy. Well, today Caruso will do his best to make Kyler's fantasy come true - and that brings us to Fernando, our straight Cuban dude. Fernando is very handsome, has a great smile, and at 25 years old he's built really well, nicely muscled and with a just the right amount of hair on his rock hard pecs to give him that manly, masculine look which Kyler really likes. Fernando has a regular girl, but doesn't really consider her a girlfriend, more like a friend with benefits. He likes professional girls and when Caruso asks what type, he says ''bank tellers'' which is kind of funny, but he explains that his current fuck is a bank teller. Once Caruso is done chatting with the boys, he has them strip down and work up a boner. Kyler's big cock is rock hard in seconds, but Fernando is having a problem and confides to Caruso that he's a bit nervous. It could be the fact that he tells us he's from a very religious Catholic upbringing. He says that he didn't even jack off until he discovered it for himself at twelve or thirteen while taking a shower. Eventually, he gets his penis rock hard and it's really a nice one, big too. Caruso goes to get the girl, but like all the BaitBuddies.com ''girls'', she didn't show up and the boys are either going to have to have sex with each other or go home empty handed. When Caruso gives them the option to get paid double to have sex with each other, Fernando is surprised. He tells Caruso about a three way he had with his buddy and a girl and how he would not do a double penetration because he didn't want to get that close to a guy... which led us to think this might take a lot of convincing. And, it did take a little bit to get him to rationalize the whole thing in his mind, but eventually Fernando says ''I can give it a try - it's money'' and that's all we needed to hear. By now, Fernando's cock is limp, so Caruso asks him if Kyler can touch it, and Fernando says yes. Kyler starts stroking the dude's cock and it gets hard in no time, Fernando reaches over jacks Kyler's cock, which never goes down through the entire scene. Next Kyler sucks the Cuban boy's thick dick for all it's worth as he jacks his own fat piece until Caruso has the guys stand up for a little mutual cock play. This is when Kyler goes in for a kiss, but Fernando soon becomes the aggressor and it turns into quite the make out session. Kyler is impatient, he wants that big, thick Latino cock in his hot, tight hole, but he knows that there's a formula to our bait and switch routine, so he sticks to the script and asks Fernando ''wanna suck my cock''. Fernando replies ''I can give it a try'' and with that he gets on his knees and takes Kyler's big cock into his mouth and starts sucking. Kyler jumps and bit and warns him to watch his teeth - a typical mistake for a first timer. Fernando goes to town on Kyler's cock, lots of slurping and moaning, which brings Caruso to ask ''sure you never did this before... that's impressive''. Now it's time for fucking and boy does Fernando know how to fuck! He pounds Kyler's smooth, pert ass like he would his girl's. He flips the moaning bottom boy onto his back, then Kyler says ''gonna break my ass'' and Fernando answers by continuing to pummel the boy's hole as hard as he can. Kyler caresses Fernando's muscular arms and chest as he's getting fucked and finally, not able to hold back anymore, Kyler starts moaning more loudly as he jacks his cock and shoots a big load over his body and behind him hitting Caruso's shoe and pants! The boy keeps jacking his cock as Fernando keeps fucking until he pulls his cock out, tosses the rubber and jacks a load onto Kyler's firm belly, hand and cock. Both dudes finally catch their breath and Caruso sends them off to the shower to get cleaned up. During the 'After the Shoot' interview, Caruso asks Fernando what he liked best and his answer was the fucking. We find out that this is the very first time that Fernando ever fucked anyone in the ass, girl or guy, it was a totally new experience for him. Looking back, Caruso finds it interesting that Fernando was so into the cock sucking, so he asks him what he liked about it and Fernando answers ''... it tasted good''. We bet it did!