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''Fabulous Foreskin''

Foreskin can be a big turn on for some guys. And, one of those is returning Bait boy, Drake Jaden. So, this particular coupling of Drake and this week's straight guy Alejandro, more about him in a moment, came about because of a conversation over dinner a while back between Caruso and Drake. Maybe not the best topic for discussion at a dinner table, but in a nutshell, the guys were talking about foreskin - particularly Latino's with foreskin. Drake was telling Caruso how he likes when a Latino boy's foreskin is hanging down over the cock head and swinging back and forth. But, he especially likes when the foreskin is filling up with precum and he gets to lick it out. So, when Caruso received an application from Alejandro, a handsome, beefy, muscular Cuban boy with a thick 7'' uncut cock, he knew who he had to call - Drake Jaden. It's Drake's first time back in quite a while and he is as bulked up with muscle as ever, his butt is just spectacular, huge and rock hard. He's also let his chest hair grow in - it looks good and he says now guys refer to him as a 'bear'. Anyway, Drake is anxious to bottom for this new guy as soon as hears Caruso describe him. And, Alejandro is just as anxious, but he's anticipating fucking some hot pussy - not a dude. He tells us he like girls with big, firm, beefy asses and long hair. A big firm beefy ass is what he'll get - sorry but we can't deliver on the hair - not when he'll be fucking Drake. So, Caruso introduces the guys to each other, explains a bit about what's going to happen. He tells them to strip down for the boner test in order to make sure Alejandro can get hard in front of the camera and crew on the set. After successfully stroking their big dicks to an erection Caruso goes to get the 'girl'. But, he soon returns with the bad news that the girl didn't show and no other girls are available. He tells the guys that their only option for getting paid is to have sex with each other. Alejandro, just hearing that the girl didn't show, gets shy and covers his hard dick with his t-shirt. Drake is still stroking his 8 inches and it's still, big and rock hard. Caruso barely has Alejandro talked into doing gay sex, when the very horny and anxious Drake already has his hand on the boy's beefy thigh and then quickly removes the t-shirt from the dude's cock and starts stroking him. Alejandro says something like ''I think you know about this already'' referring to how quickly Drake is making a move on him, but he doesn't fight it. So, Drake just bends over and sucks his cock right down to the root and it's no turning back for our Cuban straight boy. Drake sucks his cock for quite and while, you can tell he's playing with the tip of his cock, probably jamming his tongue into the foreskin rim digging for precum. Drake now decides to stand up and lean over, face to face with Alejandro as he goes in for a kiss. Alejandro is a bit hesitant and tries to dodge the attempt at first, but once Drake gets his lips locked on the dude and his tongue in in the straight boy's mouth, a passion is unleashed in Alejandro causing him to reflexively grab for the back of Drake's head to pull him in for more. As they pull apart after a few deep kisses, Drake indicates that it's time for Alejandro to try some cock sucking. Alejandro gets on his knees and takes the head of Drake's huge cock into his mouth and after a little while, maybe a couple of more inches at most. Cock sucking doesn't appear to be Alejandro's 'thing', so he just stops and says ''he's much better at it'', meaning Drake is a much better cocksucker. Upon seeing that, Caruso figures it's best to move them onto fucking, which is really what Drake has been waiting for. He's been eying that fat, uncut, Cuban cock the whole time. Caruso tells Drake to to show Alejandro his butt and the straight boy let's out a 'woof' - a reflex upon seeing Drake's big beefy butt up close, something he says he usually does for a hot girl, but now he's doing for a hot dude. As Drake is lubing his hole for a fucking, Alejandro again makes an observation ''I think he was ready for this'' - and oh if he only knew the truth. Alejandro tests his theory and takes no mercy on Drake's hole. He really pounds that guy right from the beginning. Drake is moaning and groaning like crazy ''give it to me daddy'' and later ''fuck me, fuck me''. The guys change position with Drake sitting on Alejandro's cock and the jackhammer fucking continues until Drake shoots a load all over Alejandro's big, beefy thigh. Alejandro now starts jacking his cock and Drake positions his face right in front of it - he tells Alejandro to shoot all over him. Alejandro finally blows his load and the cums lands all over Drake's beard and mouth. Drake takes some of the cum off his lips and swallows it down. It must've tasted good, because then he bends over, takes Alejandro's thick cummy cock in his mouth and cleans it all off - paying extra attention to the inside the rim of skin now sliding back over Alejandro's cock head. Oh, that fabulous foreskin!