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''That's a Big Cock!''

This is Marc's first time doing a video where he's naked and having sex and he's a bit nervous. Marc fled the dangers of Venezuela, his birthplace, by coming to the United States - and wouldn't you know it, he winds up right here on Caruso's couch! Marc is 24 years old, stands 6' with a hot, slender, very fit body and a thick 7.5'' uncut cock - the profile of a sexy, Latin lover. He's pretty much in need of money, but when he finds out there's no pussy and instead has to have sex with our returning, and very cute Bait boy, Cameron, he's not very happy and tells Caruso he never even thought of doing anything with a dude. However, Cameron is anxious to get a piece of Marc - he had told Caruso a few weeks back that his current 'thing' is hot, sexy Latino dudes, and Marc really fits the bill. Cameron is looking great, handsome, nice bod and even though his cock is only 6'', it makes up for the length with it's thick girth. And, he is only interested in one thing, getting that Latino boy's fat dick up his tight, hungry hole. Back on the couch, Cameron is trying to convince Marc that he's broke and really needs the money and that it's no big deal - it's just about the money. Caruso breaks in and explains how in porn everybody usually does a bit of everything, bi, gay, etc. Marc thinks a little and then agrees he needs the money and says ''I'll try it''. Hearing that, Cameron doesn't waste a second and says ''Let's get started'' - he grabs Marc's now deflated cock and starts jacking it, and it quickly returns to it's full, rock hard 7.5'' glory. Caruso keeps asking Marc how he's doing, but he doesn't have much to say, so you really have to read the dude by his actions and expressions during this scene. Once Marc is hard, Cameron takes the opportunity to go down on him and spends quite a bit of time savoring that big, uncut piece of man meat with it's sexy taste and smells of fresh sweat and precum. Soon Caruso tells Marc to jack Cameron's cock, he's hesitant and Caruso tells him not to be scared - so he takes the thick penis in his hand and feels it a bit and then jerks it a few times, but it appears a few strokes are enough for this straight boy and he removes his hand. Cameron then asks Mark to suck his cock. Marc looks to Caruso like he needs to be rescued, and then says ''I just can't do that''. Caruso pushes a little, but sees that Marc isn't going to be talked into sucking any cock today. Cameron is still standing over Marc who is seated on the couch, and slowly bends over and goes in for a kiss and to our surprise, Marc just goes for it, they do some spit swapping and tongue dueling, which they repeat a few times - it's very erotic. We can only conclude after seeing this same thing happen time and time again with our straight guys, that they just love kissing too! They'll stick their tongue in another dude's mouth and let another dude stick his tongue in their mouth, but there's still a mental block, a taboo when it comes to sucking dick (because it makes them gay? LOL). Caruso now moves them on to fucking, something which Marc seems to be OK with, and which by this time Cameron is fucking horny an eager for. A condom is put on quickly and Cameron wastes no time in sitting on that thick cock and taking it up his hole, right to the root. Cameron doesn't wait for his top to get going and starts humping Marc's cock for all he's worth as he moans in ecstasy and jacks his own fat dick. Make sure to watch Cameron's face as he gets lost in the fuck. Cameron then flips onto his back, Marc gets right to business and shoves his cock back inside of Cameron and starts pounding the boy's ass. Cameron says ''you hear those balls smackin' [my ass]''. Soon, Marc can't hold back, and as he helplessly looks at Caruso he starts cumming into the condom. Caruso signals him to rip the condom off - and when he does he's still shooting, and his hot Venezuelan 'leche' splatters all over Cameron's sweaty, flat belly. Cameron says ''I almost came when I saw that'' and continues to jack his cock furiously until he has a super hot, really long, mind blowing, body shaking, orgasm. Looking over at a very blissed out Cameron, Caruso says ''That's a big smile'' to which Cameron replies ''That's a big cock!''.