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''The Farmer''

The first thing you'll notice about our 23 year old straight guy, Danny - after his blond hair, green eyes and cute, all American face, is his farmer's tan - and it's 100% real. Danny is a chicken farmer (you know, roosters and hens) from a small hick town (his own description) in Georgia - he's sexy, and his masculine voice and southern accent is all you need to hear to know he's the real deal. This good looking farmer was tired of the stench from the chicken coops, so he's come to Ft Lauderdale to try his hand in making a career out of fucking pussy as a porn star. He tells Caruso that he's a player and loves to fuck tatted up girls, the more ink the better - and there's no shortage of that type of girl where he comes from, but he certainly won't find any at BaitBuddies.com. No, instead of a girl waiting for Danny, we have Dylan, a returning 21 year old straight boy who, since being introduced to man sex at the Bait Buddies studio, has been experimenting with anal play using an assortment of toys on his butt. Dylan recently contacted Caruso and said he was now ready to try the real thing, and of course Caruso was happy to make that happen.  So, the boys are introduced and after some small talk Caruso has them strip down for the boner test. Danny is very interested in the pussy porn Caruso has playing, and his cock is soon pointing straight up to the sky, hard as a rock. Dylan's 8 inches is hard and ready to go too, so Caruso tells the boys to hang on while he goes to get the girl. As always, our girls just can't seem to get it together in time to make it to the studio, so Caruso has to tell the guys that there's no pussy, but he'll pay them double the money to do something else. ''What's the catch'' asks Danny?  And, when he finds out he'd have to have sex with Dylan to earn all that money, Danny says ''are you serious''.  Dylan just plays along, says he's got bills to pay and anyway it's just about the money. Caruso explains to Danny that it has nothing to do with his sexuality, it's just another job in porn. Danny is still not sure, but it appears to Dylan that he's taking too long to make up his mind, so Dylan just grabs Danny's cock -  the straight boy jumps back ''what the fuck'' he yells. Dylan pays no attention to him and just keeps on stroking Danny's cock and tells him to just sit back and watch the porn, it's no big deal. Danny slowly relaxes his body and slumps down into the couch in defeat - the decision has been made for him. Well, if he isn't liking it you sure can't from his cock, 'cause that thing is steel hard. After Dylan strokes him for a while, he takes Danny's hand and places it on his cock - just like Caruso told him before the shoot, and he follows the script like pro. Danny really has no choice, so he starts stroking his first cock (other than his own), but keeps his eyes on the pussy porn playing on the studio monitor. You can see the anticipation in Dylan's eyes as he gets ready to bend down and get farmer boy's hot cock in his mouth. And, for someone without much experience he really goes to town on it. After a while, it's time for Danny to return the favor. He does as most of them do, the straight boy ''dance'' around the cock head with his mouth, taking a little more each time until he's going at it like pro. Caruso tells him he looks like he's born to suck cock. Danny barely pauses to mumble with a cock in his mouth ''it's not that bad''. Caruso now has the guys stand up and face each other. They sword fight with their cocks for a bit, until Dylan goes in for a kiss and Danny seems to melt right into it, giving back as good as he gets. Kissing just seems to be a universal thing, whether it's guy/girl or guy/guy. When their make out session ends it's time for fucking and both guys get lubed up. Dylan takes the doggy position and after a little fumbling with Dylan's tight hole - he just says ''put that thing in'' and Danny finally slides right up that cute straight boy's hole. Danny fucks him good and hard and Dylan moans for more ''fuck yeah, fuck yeah''. Now Dylan wants to change positions, he wants to sit on Danny's fuck stick to finish off. Dylan slides right onto Danny's still, perpendicular standing, rock hard dick and starts humping his butt up and down fucking himself. The next thing we know, Dylan is leaning back into Danny and damn if they don't have their tongues down each others throat once again ...they're obviously both hot for this.  And, as he's doing that, without any prompting, Danny grabs Dylan's big cock and starts jacking it while his cock is inside the boy's hot hole. Both boys are fucking at each other, Dylan's butt humping Danny's cock, which is pounding back into Dylan's hole. Dylan yells out he's close and Danny just picks up the pace of his fucking and furiously jacks the boy's precum lubed cock until he blows his hot load all over his belly. Dylan is feeling good and keeps humping Danny's cock for all he's worth, we can see Danny is losing it and soon yells out he's cumming. Dylan keeps humping his cock, Caruso was getting nervous - he thought Dylan was so lost in the fuck that he was going to make Danny come in the condom inside his hole. But, Dylan knows better, Caruso taught him good about the 'money shot', and at the very last second, he pulls his well fucked hole off of Danny's cock. Danny rips the rubber off and rubs out a load that squirts all the way up to his neck. Cock-a-doodle-doo!