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''Watching Gay Porn''

Steve is our Maine man, from Maine with his new porn name Steve Maine, and he's straight and good looking... and he'll tell you so himself. Steve is a bit cocky, or maybe it's just confidence when Caruso asks him why he'd be good for porn, and he answers ''I have the body and the looks''. Cocky or confident, it's the truth - and your eyes will be glued to his big, firm, manly bubble butt which is only enhanced by his rock hard muscular thighs and legs - partially a result of all his snow mobiling, grasping that big powerful machine between his legs for hours on end as he races through the mountains of snow in Maine.  And, when he fucks you'll get to see his sexy, rippling, sweaty, six pack bulging from the exertion. Of course Steve thinks he's here for his very first straight porn video and can't wait to sink his thick 7'' cock into some wet, juicy pussy. Steve doesn't really care what the pussy is attached to - he basically says he doesn't have a type and he'll fuck anything, fat, skinny, short, tall, black, white - and he certainly gets to prove the point before the end of this video.  Caruso asks Steve if he was to bring a 400lb girl in to the studio would he fuck her - ''yes'' he says, it doesn't matter. But, when Caruso asks him to fuck another dude will that matter... we'll soon see about that. So, Caruso pairs him up with Bait boy, Bryan, who you met not long ago when we hooked him up with straight country boy Grayson. Bryan is a tall, slender, lanky 6'2'' skater type with 8 plus inches of thick cock.  Bryan is also a car buff, his first purchase was a Corvette which is represented with a large chest tattoo that's still a work still in progress. In his prior video with Grayson, he told Caruso that he loves straight guys because they're the 'forbidden fruit' - and we're pretty sure that Steve will exceed his expectations for this straight dude challenge. The boys are introduced to each other, and during the initial interview with Steve, Caruso asks if he has ever done a D.P. (double penetration, two cocks in the pussy at the same time), he says ''no'. ''Have you ever seen a D.P.'' Caruso asks next, ''no, uh... well yeah, with two guys''. This really peaks Caruso's interest, so he inquires and we find out that Steve's girlfriend at the time had him watch a gay porn video with a dude getting D.P.'d. Caruso wasn't letting this go, so he follows up by asking Steve if he ever thought about doing something with another guy. Steve says, not really, so Caruso prods him further about 'not really',  ''we'll in the back of my mind... '' says Steve. That's all Caruso has to hear. He skips the pretense of the girl not showing up and offers Steve double the money to have sex with Bryan. Steve is a bit taken aback, after all he's here to do his first porn video and expects to be fucking pussy. Steve has never considered himself anything but straight, and his thought about trying it with a guy is just idle curiosity that he assumes all guys have about gay sex at one time or another. Maybe so, but not at BaitBuddies.com, and not when Caruso is in charge. So, with just a little discussion, Caruso and Bryan convince Steve that it's all good and why not give it a try. Steve thinks about it and says he's willing to give gay a chance. Caruso has the boys strip down and tells them to go for it-and they do. After a little foreplay of yanking each others weenies, the boys get into it and they just let themselves go. We see their tentative handjobs quickly evolve into a very hot, passionate sex scene as they make out, give each other blow jobs, and as the final act, straight hunk, Steve, fucks the cum right out of our Bait bottom boy, Bryan. Both dudes shoot huge loads, Steve shoots everywhere - even across Bryan's body into his armpit! When it's all over, Caruso asks Steve if he liked it and oh yeah he did! What did he like most - sucking Bryan's big cock. Would he do it again, oh yeah! So, what can we learn from this scene -  'Watching Gay Porn' with a straight dude might just get you laid. Enjoy!