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I'm Likin' It!

Alan is back, he's the Brazilian dude who loves to Bait the straight boys for some good fucking. And, his preference is for those rednecky sorts. So, Caruso pairs him up with Zeke, a home grown redneck boy from Ft Lauderdale. How country redneck is he - well he sports a hunting logo on his chest and tells Caruso he's bagged a 10 pointer, whatever the fuck that is, but apparently it's pretty big game. Zeke is 20 years old and has a naturally muscular body from doing lots of physical activity, including his hunting and fishing. He has masculine broad shoulders, a narrow waist, nice butt and legs and a substantial 7.5'' cock.  And he tells Caruso that at his relatively young age he's fucked lots of pussy, but that girls won't let him put his big cock in their assholes. Well, he's going to get the chance to do that today, but he's going to be putting that all American, hick dick in a dude's ass. Caruso introduces the guys to each other and has them strip down to do the 'boner test'. He tells Zeke that he has to be able to get it up in front of a camera with other guys around. Zeke is an easy going guy, he's always happy and smiling, so without hesitation he just starts stroking his cock to the pussy porn playing on the studio monitor - and he's hard in no time.  While Zeke is stroking his cock to the girls in the video, Alan is stroking his cock to Zeke - anyway, he's been hard pretty much from the minute he whipped out his 7'' uncut piece. This is Caruso's cue to go and fetch the porn girl, but he returns with the bad news that she got mosquito bitten on an outting over the weekend and can't go on camera. Of course we always have options here at BaitBuddies.com, and Caruso informs the boys that there is a way they can still make money. Zeke asks ''how'' and Caruso tells him that he can make double the money if he has sex with Alan. ''For real'' says Zeke when he hears this. ''You ever think of doing something with another dude'' asks Caruso, ''never crossed my mind'' says Zeke. Caruso goes on about how porn stars do a variety of things, and how girl on girl action doesn't mean they're lesbians, etc - it's just part of being in 'porn biz'.  Zeke turns to Alan and asks ''you down with it'', and Alan shakes his head yes and says ''I got bills to pay''.  Zeke just flashes his adorable smile once again and agrees to give it a try.  Well, Zeke's cock has gone limp with all the gay sex talk, so Caruso tells Alan to stroke it for him, and then tells Alan to stroke Zeke's cock the same way. But, Alan wants a little more than a mutual weiner wank, he also wants a taste of those country boy lips, so he just leans in for a few short kisses which makes Zeke smile yet again. Next, Alan goes down on Zeke's long, slender cock, letting it go all they way down his throat, giving Zeke his first gay blow job, and again Zeke grins from ear to ear. Alan soon asks Zeke to go down on him - Zeke looks at Caruso and says ''Is that part of the deal'' and gets the answer he anticipated - there's no way out. So, he gets down and starts sucking away at Alan's thick 7'' uncut cock and boy does he take to sucking dick! Caruso eventually asks him how it is and Zeke says ''it's good''.  Caruso now moves the boys onto the fucking portion of the show, and if anything, Alan has a real fuckable, Latino bubble butt, and Zeke is already looking anxious to give it a go. Well, the boy gets lubed up and shoves his cock into Zeke's hole doggy style and sets into a hard, redneck pussy fucking. You can tell that even at 20 years old that Zeke's fuck muscles in his butt and thighs are well developed and that he sure knows how to bang a pussy. After a while doing it doggy style it's time to switch up a bit, so Alan gets on his back and Zeke shoves his big cock right back into that boy's hungry hole and starts thrusting his hot, straight boy cock at maximum force.  All along, Alan is being very quiet, just jacking his cock like a maniac with a look of ecstasy on his face, but finally breaks his silent sex trance by blurting out ''I'm gonna cum... I'm cumming''.  His hot white sperm is flying out of his cock as Zeke instinctively pounds the boy's ass even harder, fucking every last drop of cum out of him. Zeke then pulls out and strokes just a few times triggering his cum to spurt out all over Alan's cock.  Alan discretely strokes the hot sex fluid that landed in his foreskin all over his uncut dick as he's still on an orgasmic high. All said and done, Caruso asks Zeke how it was for him, and with his big trademark smile, he says ''I'm likin' it!''