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''Best of Both Worlds''

This scene features two super hot guys, Danny and Patrick, who were featured in earlier BaitBuddies.com videos where Caruso converted them into two more very sexy, gay4pay models. How the two got together is a story in itself. Patrick, who is a 21, 6'1'' Latino boy with an athletic, muscular body, big cock, great looks and a killer smile, went to check out the comments on his Bait Buddies video. That's when he came across Danny's video. I mean you can't miss Danny, this cute 23 year old all American, blond hair, green eyed, built dude with a hot bubble butt and sexy pink cock. Anyway, Patrick recognizes Danny as someone he's known from college for around two years, and now sees him in a totally different light. Prior to shooting this scene, both guys were dating and fucking girls and had never done anything with each other. Actually, they were only casually acquainted at college, enough to say hello, so real conversation. But, when you look like Patrick you have no problem with being forward with another good looking dude. So, he approaches Danny on campus and comes right out and tells him he saw his BaitBuddies.com video- at the same time informing him that he was once in the same position and shows Danny his Bait video. Although a bit shocked at first, Danny accepts Patrick's invitation to make some money by doing a video together for Caruso. Once Patrick called Caruso, and remembering how hot these guys were, the shoot was set up within minutes. So, here we are in the studio, both boys side by side on the couch telling Caruso the story you just heard here. Dispensing with the normal 'boner' test and the rest of it, Caruso tells the boys to ''go for it''. And, they do! It's so fucking erotic to watch these two, now straightish guys, who are obviously very into each other since learning the other one likes gay sex, start a heavy make out session as they strip the clothes from each other. You can see Danny is already rock hard when Patrick slips the boy's jeans off. Once nude it doesn't take long for Danny to get on his knees and start sucking Patrick's big dick which gets rock hard in 30 seconds. The look on Patrick's face is that of ecstasy as he says ''oh my God, that feels so good''. And, Danny doesn't hold back, he deep throats his buddy's 7.5'' cock multiple times. He finally stands up and let's Patrick get to work on his beautiful pink cock and he's soon in as much ecstasy as his buddy was. By now these guys are so hot for each other they want to get down to fucking. First Patrick fucks Danny doggy and then missionary before they flip. At this point, Patrick wants to sit on Danny's cock and both dudes fuck away at each other, Danny thrusting his cock into Patrick, and Patrick then thrusting his ass back onto Danny's cock. Danny now wants to fuck Patrick on his back, just like Patrick fucked him - and does he! Danny fucks Patrick hard and loud until Patrick blows a huge load all over his beautiful torso. Danny rips off his condom and jacks his load onto a very satisfied Patrick. Once cooled down a bit, Caruso sends the boys off to the shower where he keeps the video running as he interviews them. If there are two guys you want to watch showering - these are the ones. They talk about a lot of personal things. Caruso asks if they still fuck pussy and they answer in the affirmative. He asks them if they would have sex with each other off camera or with other guys. They both answer, why not, we have the ''best of both worlds''.