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''The Rookie''

Big Straight outdoors man, Jace, is back in town and he needs some money, so who else does he call - Caruso of course. It's been two years since Jace did his very first porn video, and since it was at BaitBuddies.com he wound up with dick and boy butt instead of the pussy he thought he was going to get. And, apparently we opened up some new doors for him. Jace tells Caruso that in the last two years he's picked up a lot of experience with dudes. He says he loves sucking dick - especially when the guy is Latino - the darker skin is a real turn on for him. Yet with all the new cock sucking experience he still hasn't had his cherry popped, and that's what Caruso is hoping for today. Jace is a hot looking, 31 year old, big sexy dude. He's 6'2'' with a beefy muscular body and sports a huge 9 plus inches of thick cock with a big mushroom head. Caruso tells Jace that he has just the dude for him, a Miami raised 100% Cuban boy, Damian. Damian is 27, a little shorter than Jace, with a naturally muscular body, bubble butt and a perfect uncut 8'' cock - around the same thickness as Jace. Caruso gets on to the day's business and has the boys strip down and get their dicks hard for camera. Jace's 'niner' is up in no time with Damian's eight uncut inches stiffening up shortly thereafter. Both guys chat while watching pussy porn as Caruso goes to get the 'girl'. Upon his return, Caruso delivers the bad news - the girl didn't show. And, as he starts talking about other money making options, you can see Damian's cock begin to soften and his leg start shaking from anxiety, anticipating what's going to happen as he asks Caruso ''what's the catch''. Caruso tells them that he will pay them twice their original fee if they have sex with each other. ''NO!... you joking?'' says Damian, now with a noodle limp dick, ''I don't like that idea - it doesn't sound cool at all'' he continues. So, Caruso goes into the bargaining phase and tells him about all the different kinds of porn he shoots, girl on girl, guy on guy, group, etc, at which point Jace chimes in volunteering to give it a shot. With Damian kind of backed into a corner by Caruso's logic, our Bait boy's willingness to give it a go and the extra money, he just gives in and says ''I'll give a try... but no guarantee''. Caruso starts them with the easy stuff, some mutual jacking off - ''definitely a little different'' says Damian. Soon though, Caruso asks Damian if he likes getting sucked off, and of course he answers ''yeah, I like getting my dick sucked'. This is Jace's cue to lean over and give Damian some oral lovin'. Damian almost immediately throws his head back from the feeling of his first gay blow job. It's now Damian's turn to suck his first cock and boy does he do a good job. Caruso see what a great blow job he's giving Jace and asks ''have you ever done this before'', and Damian responds ''I'm just doing what I like done to me''. After a little while, Damian is choking a bit and sits up to take a break. Caruso then asks if they know what docking is - ''like a boat'' asks Damian''. Caruso explains that docking is when the uncut guy slides his foreskin over the cut guy's cock head and they jack their cocks that way. Damian tells Caruso he's never heard of such a thing, but at this point is more than willing to give it a try. So, he tries his best to dock with Jace, but there appears to be two issues, Damian's cock is full of lube making the skin hard to hold on to and stretch, and the fact that Jace has a really big mushroom head on his cock which requires that Damian's foreskin be stretched to the max. Caruso wants to move them on, but Damian insists on giving it another try ''I think I have it now'' he says. But, after all those attempts, it's just not going to happen. The boys continue on with some frot, rubbing their cocks together when Jace takes the opportunity to pull Damian in for a kiss and jeez, a make out session ensued - we thought we'd have to throw a bucket of cold water on those two. Once they finally pulled apart, Caruso asks ''who gets fucked?'' Jace right away says ''I'll try'', Damien says ''not me''. Caruso asks Damian if he'll fuck a very willing Jace, who's never been fucked before, but Damian says ''that's not for me'' and let's Caruso know that it's one step too far for him right now. Caruso not being one to force anything on a dude, lets it go and tells Jace to suck Damian's cock again, which he does. Jace has had much practice and he's become a top notch cocksucker and proves his prowess by deepthroating the boy. Damian now tries to see how far he can take Jace's big boy, but doesn't come close to getting it all the way down his newly de-virginized throat. Now it's time to get off, and Jace really goes to town sucking Damian's big, uncut, Cuban cock for the finish. Damian gets to the edge, grabs his cock and jacks a huge load all over Jace's torso. This just triggers Jace to beat his big cock furiously until he shoots a massive load all over himself. After the boys catch their breath, Caruso sends them off to the showers to clean up. Upon their return, Caruso asks Damian how it was and he said he liked it, he'd do it again, but that he felt like a 'rookie'. Rookie no more, another appearance on BaitBuddies.com is surely in his future!