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''Country Muscle''

Daxton Ryker stepped fresh off the turnip truck from South Carolina into the big city and wouldn't you know it, he eventually found himself at the studios of BaitBuddies.com in Ft. Lauderdale looking for a quick buck. Wide eyed at the prospect of becoming a porn star and banging some hot city girls, this straight boy got off at the wrong stop, because  the only thing he's gonna be dipping his cock into here is boy pussy - and that's only after he's done sucking some cock. Daxton is a straight country boy who spends way too much time in the gym, which resulted in huge oversized shoulders and thighs. Well, lots of guys out there go nuts for big muscles, so Caruso figured why not, he's straight, had a nice size cock and all we had to do is see if he'd be willing to try something new. So, Caruso decided to pair him up with a dude we had turned out gay4pay around a year ago, James Hamilton. James has put some porn mileage on since we last saw him a year ago, but still sports that huge 9.5'' cock that's always hard and horny and he tells us he's more than ready for some action today. Caruso gets the guys stripped down and hard and then goes to get the girl. A few moments later he returns only to let the guys know about the bad news, the girl had a biking accident and can't do the shoot and it's too late to get a replacement. Their only option if they want to get paid is to have sex with each other. ''That's not what I came here for'' exclaims Daxton, as he stands up to get something to cover himself up with. Caruso and James jump in and try to convince him that it's just porn business as usual - sex is sex and everybody is there for a pay check. James says to him ''you're already jerking off next to me'', ''but that's different'' says Daxton. Finally, Daxton is broken, just like the rest of them. He needs the money, he's already there and he's naked, so what the fuck - he says ''I'll give it a try''. At first Caruso has them stroke each other's cocks. There's not much enthusiasm there, and Daxton's cock is no longer rising to the occasion. Caruso asks Daxton if he likes blow jobs and of course the answer is yes. So, James wastes no time in bending over and taking Daxton's 7'' cock into his mouth. Obviously, the straight guy is liking it, we can see his cock stiffen up and his hand subconsciously stroking James' back like some one night stand, country slut.  Caruso then has them stand up and compare cocks and rub them together a bit, which of course gives James the opportunity to pull Daxton in for a few intimate kisses which he graciously accepts.  Soon after it's Daxton's turn to suck cock for the first time and he takes to it pretty good. He must like it, because he's stroking his still hard dick at the same time. Next is fucking, Daxton rubbers up and plunges his big cock into James' butt and starts fucking away, really hard, making James moan and groan. Then the wrench gets thrown into the gears when Caruso tells James to get on his back - and before you can say 'wet noodle' Daxton's formerly rock hard cock goes limp. James is on his back, his hole lubed, horny as hell waiting for this bodybuilder to stuff his cock up his butt and fuck that crap out of him. But, he just stays limp and Caruso asks Daxton ''you nervous'' and Daxton says ''face to face with a man is a little weird''.  A little too weird, because he just couldn't get his cock hard again. So, Caruso, not having any other choice has to let both guys just jack off and blow their loads for a finish. Listen as they talk it out in ''After the Shoot''.