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''Special Edition: Stud Buds''

Here we are in Orlando with another Caruso Special Edition for BaitBuddies.com. Dax, our Straight guy and Danny our Bi Bait guy have known each other for years. They actually met through their respective girlfriends a little while back and they used to hang out a lot in those days. Although not in touch as frequently now, when Dax got himself into a financial quagmire he started to think of ways to make a quick buck. He knew that his buddy Jonni always had plenty of cash in his pocket from moonlighting as a porn star in gay, straight and bi videos. So, he thought ''why not'' and reached out to him for help in making some bucks in porn. Jonni, who has been openly bi, even with his current girlfriend, was more than happy to be able to help out and the first thing that came to mind was how to get use this opportunity to get into the pants of his cute, very straight, teenage buddy. Well, Jonni had known Caruso and all about BaitBuddies.com for a long time, but he had never appeared in one of the videos. So, he thought this would be the perfect venue to be in a special video with his friend Dax. When Caruso heard the story and saw Dax's photo, he was anxious to get the hot pair of stud buds on camera together.  So, he got them to Orlando and added them to his shooting schedule as quickly as possible.

So, here we are, watching Jonni slowly undress his 19 year old bud and letting us see his pal's slender, athletic body, hot soccer legs, bubble but and monster 8'', and very thick cock. You'll be real happy he picked BaitBuddies.com and Caruso to shoot this scene. Dax tells Caruso he's nervous about doing this and hopes to keep it a secret from his girlfriend. Jonni now removes his own clothes in a 'private' strip show for Dax, and we see that this dude is also stacked, real nice bod and respectable uncut 7.5'' cock. Jonni goes slow, stroking his friend's chest and body. He even asks Dax for permission before he tries to kiss him. Unlike we usually see with other straight dudes, Dax isn't opening his mouth for tongue. He takes a few kisses on the lips and ends it there. But, when it comes to his bi bud stroking his cock, that MONSTER gets hard in seconds (well, he's 19, a breeze probably does the same) and he is truly in ecstasy when Jonni goes down on him and swallows his fat cock to a few inches below the head - Jonni just can't open his throat any wider for that huge piece of meat. Dax says his girl never gets further than the head, so this is a real treat for him.  Jonni puts his bud's hand on his own cock and once Dax gets comfortable stroking Jonni's cock, it's his time to try and suck it. And, he does a really good job and actually appears to enjoy it. Jonni moans as Dax takes it almost all the way down as he strokes his buddy's balls. Jonni next asks Dax if his girl gives him her ass, and Dax quickly answers no - no girl will let him with that big cock and he's tried. Dax tells Caruso that most girls won't even let him fuck them in their pussy, because it's so big. So, Jonni tells Dax ''I'll give it to you'', referring to his butt and Caruso asks ''How are you going to take that Monster'', ''very slowly'' replies Jonni. Dax tells him not to worry 'cause he's a ''Gentle Giant''. Now, watch this super hot fuck scene and see how Dax uses his hot butt to fuck himself on his young, straight stud bud's giant dick until he just can't take it anymore and both friends stroke themselves to an explosive ending!