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''All Star Buddies: Make it HOT!''

This is a special 'All Star Buddies' episode which features the return of Marxel Rios. Marxel shot his very first scene with us in 2011 as our Straight boy where he sucks dick and fucks a dude for the very first time... and for an additional three scenes as our Bait, the last of which was shot in 2012. He hasn't done another porn scene since - that is until today. Marxel having graduated culinary school, has been working as a chef specializing in Asian and Thai food. Now, Caruso has known porn sensation Johnny Hazzard for many years but because of his fame, never found the right moment to feature him on the website. Well, it just so happened that Johnny was dining at the restaurant where Marxel works when he sees Marxel talking to someone at another table and recognizes him from his videos. Johnny has always been attracted to Marxel and was disappointed when he heard that he wasn't doing porn anymore. So, he slips Marxel a note via one of the waiters and the two get together later to talk. The end result is that Marxel calls Caruso up and asks if it would be possible for him to shoot a scene with Johnny Hazzard. Caruso isn't about to turn the opportunity down! So, he brings the guys to Ft Lauderdale, gets them into the studio and after a short chat, just says ''Do what naturally comes to you. The only direction I'm going to give you is, make it HOT!'' These two studs, Marxel and Johnny, do just that. They make out, loudly, for a quite a while and stop just long enough get each other's clothes off. Marxel, the Puerto Rican-Italian stallion is 6' tall with a hot, hunky body, great legs and fabulous big and firm butt, not to mention his rock hard 7.5'' cock. Johnny, another Italian stallion matches Marxel inch for inch in the cock department- and with all his porn experience really knows how to use it. At the end, Marxel even tells Caruso that Johnny's cock felt amazing in his ass. Anyway, you can already see the chemistry between these two is awesome, and the heat only continues to rise as the boys suck cock and flip-flop fuck, something we don't often get to see because of the nature of the BaitBuddies.com, mostly it's the Straight guy fucking our Bait guy. Enjoy this sizzling hot, 'All Star Buddies' episode with Marxel & Johnny as they ''Make it HOT!''