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Popping the ''Brawny Man's'' Cherry

Standing 6'4'', 245lbs with blond hair, blue eyes and all muscle, Josh Peters is a real ''Brawny Man''. Josh is a straight, good looking, country boy from the Kentucky hills, accent and all. He had answered one of Caruso's ads for guys who want to be in pussy porn and fuck hot babes for cash. And, that's just what Josh loves to do, fuck girls. By his own estimate he says he's fucked about 100 and never has had a hard time finding one. Currently, he has a steady girlfriend, who he tells us later in the video is pretty kinky - into leather, bondage, S&M and such. And, she's not the only one with a fetish in that relationship, Josh tells us that he's an exhibitionist and loves to post photos of himself online - says he really gets off on the attention. With his looks and size we're pretty sure he turns a lot of heads. Caruso pairs him up with a new Bait dude, Rico, a Latino guy from Virginia. Rico's done some porn before, but he found his way to Caruso through the BaitBuddies.com online model application where he mentions that he loves big, tall guys, especially those with a hairy chest. He loves them straight, says it's the 'unknown', he never knows if or what will happen and gets a thrill when something does.

Caruso introduces the guys to one another, and we can tell by the expression on his face that our strapping 6'4'' straight boy is a bit intimidated by the porn set and a camera. And, when Caruso starts asking sex questions he's got that fair complexion that turns beet red from embarrassment. Caruso notes the blushing and tells Rico it's odd since he says he's an exhibitionist - but concludes that showing your body off and having sex are two different things. Anyway, Caruso explains the deal - first, the guys have to do the boner test by stripping down and getting hard in front of the camera and each other. What a sight! Josh looks even hotter without his clothes, and you can see he's happy to show off his hot butt and hard cock. Rico is no slouch in that department either, he's ripped and muscular and both dudes sport eight inches of dick - although in contrast to Josh's body and hand size, his dick doesn't look that big - but it is. With the test completed, Caruso returns with the bad news - the girl didn't show - mosquito bites from a picnic this time, so she's not camera ready. The only alternative is to pay the dudes double the money to have sex with each other, so that they can make a movie and take home a paycheck. ''No... no way'' says Josh, he was promised a hot girl, and he's pretty mad about the current situation he's in. It takes a while for both Caruso and Rico to calm him down and explain that it's no big deal - you go what you have to do in porn - it's just business. ''My girlfriend's not going to see this?'' he questions Caruso. ''I don't know if I can do this - I've never done anything with a guy before'' says Josh. However, Josh finally gives in, money is money and he's going to give it a shot. To get things going, Rico starts stroking Josh's cock and it gets hard right away - but check out the expression on Josh's face, we can't figure out if he's mad, shocked, curious or what. But, Caruso sees Josh's erect cock and says ''you must be enjoying it'' and apparently he is since a big grin comes across his face. Next, Rico takes Josh's hand and pulls it to his cock for a short mutual handjob. Now that Josh has passed through the gay sex threshold, Caruso has Josh stand up for some cock sucking from Rico, and by his moaning we can tell Josh likes receiving his first gay blowjob. The blowjob is followed by kissing, and boy does Josh like that! After the video is over he tells Caruso he loved the kissing because it was with a dude, it's something taboo and very passionate. It's now Josh's turn to give his first gay blowjob and he is a natural, even deepthroating his new buddy's 8 incher more than once. With things getting steamier, Caruso moves the guys on to fucking and the plan is for Rico, who is a bottom, to get fucked - and Rico was horny for it. Caruso really expected our straight ''Brawny Man'' Josh to pound the crap out of Rico. But, when the time comes, Josh just assumes he is the one that's going to get fucked - ''oh, what the hell'' he says, so Caruso and even Rico just go with the flow. Caruso asks if his girlfriend ever had a finger up 'there', and he blushes again and says ''maybe''... later we learn she sure enough did finger his butt and he did like it. They lube up and Caruso tells Josh to get into the doggy position. Rico is rock hard and pushes his uncut cock slowly into Josh's virgin hole popping his cherry. ''Oh, he's tight'' says Rico. Josh is groaning and you can see a pained look on his face as Rico breaks him in by slowly deep fucking him. Caruso then has Josh get on his back and Rico goes at the boy's now sore hole once again. This time he pounds it faster as Josh gets used to it. Josh is now rock hard and jacking his cock, Rico is giving the dude some relief by slowing things down and finally Josh screams out and shoots several spurts of hot cum all over his torso. Rico pulls out, rips off his rubber and jacks a load onto Josh's belly. After catching their breath, the deflowered ''Brawny Man'' and his boy go off to the shower.