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''Hitting the spot.''

Sometimes we luck out and find ourselves in bed with one hot number who hits all our hot buttons, including the most important one - the prostate. That's just what happened in this scene featuring straight Latino,porn newbie, Javier, a 22 year old, lithe, fit, handsome Puerto Rican boy with a gorgeous bubble butt - probably from playing soccer in school. This young dude was sent to Caruso by one of his talent scouts. The kid was looking to try out for porn, fuck some pussy and make some quick cash - a perfect candidate for BaitBuddies.com. Caruso brings in Cameron Kincade who's been taking in the Florida sun and keeping himself trim and fit, and Cameron just loves Latino boys. So, they're introduced to each other and Caruso has them strip down. Javier is hot - you won't be able to keep your eyes off his firm, perfectly rounded butt. Caruso sets Javier up for the boner test to see if he can get hard in front of the camera and other people. And, damn if that boy doesn't pass with flying colors, he gets rock hard and raring to go in a minute. Caruso goes to get the female talent, but alas, she's unavailable and there's not replacement for her. So, he gives the guys the option of having sex with each other, so that everyone can make some money. ''No, I don't think so'' says Javier emphatically, ''I don't get the idea of being with a boy'' he continues. Well, Caruso explains that it's not the end of the world, it's just porn, etc, etc. Javier says ''I'll have to think about it''. That's when Cameron chimes in and tells Javier that he needs the money and that Javier would be doing him a solid if he did this video. They finally wear Javier down and he says ''I'll give it a try''. So, Cameron quickly grabs the boy's still rock hard, uncut cock and starts stroking it - ''It feels strange'' says Javier, but he seems to be enjoying it. Cameron takes Javier's hand and puts it on his cock for a mutual jerk off and soon after he bends down and takes Javier's cock in his mouth and really gets into sucking him off. Javier's eyes are rolling back in his head he's feeling so good. Caruso now has them both stand up and tells Javier to rub their cocks together - which he does and he also seems to get right into it. It's at this time that Cameron goes in for a kiss and anticipating this Javier meets him half way and what a fucking hot make out session ensues! This sexy Puerto Rican boy who questioned having sex with another guy seems to be enjoying it all. So, Caruso has him get down and suck his first cock. He does a great job, Cameron has to stop the blowjob, says he's ''making me twitch'' and Caruso didn't want him cumming just yet. Caruso tells Javier it's time to fuck Cameron. Javier puts on a condom while Cameron gets down on all fours, presenting his hot butt for a fucking. Javier doesn't disappoint, as this straight 22 year old dude has obviously had plenty of experience fucking pussy, he bangs the hell out of Cameron's hole while Cameron moans in ecstasy. Cameron flips on his back and is anxious to get Javier back inside. Javier pumps into Cameron's hole as Cameron keeps looking right into the boy's eyes and tells him how good it feels and that he's going to make him cum soon. Cameron can't hold back and yells out that he's cumming - Javier pumps hard - Cameron is cumming and says ''keep going'' and Javier keeps fucking him. Cameron's body is jerking from the orgasm. ''Oh my god, his dick is perfect... hit my prostate... he made me lose control''. Javier now rips off his condom and jacks a load all over Cameron. Off to the showers they go. Don't miss ''After the Shoot'' and hear Javier talk about his first gay experience.