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''A little something extra.''

Alex is our straight guy this week, he's a muscular Latino with a shaved head, a huge bubble butt and 8'' cock with ''a little something extra''. That little something extra, a foreskin, is what Drake, our returning Bait guy, says he loves about a dude - and make it a Latino uncut cock and he's over the moon. Alex is a married man, he's wearing his wedding band and asks Caruso if he should remove it. Of course not - but Caruso was interested in whether his wife knew about the video he was making and Alex tells him no - and he's not telling her either. So, as it goes, Caruso has the boys strip down and, they're matched pretty well, both are muscular, big pecs, big butts, eight inch cocks - cut and uncut respectively and both have hairy chests. Caruso has them get their cocks hard and goes to fetch the girl. But, at BaitBuddies.com we have terrible ''luck'' with the girls not showing up. Girlless, Caruso gives the boys a second option, have sex with each other for double their original fee. ''Sorry, it's not happening'' says Alex as he stands up and quickly gets his shorts back on. We're really thinking he's about to walk out. But, Caruso as usual saves the day by explaining how porn works and how straight girls do Lesbian scenes with other straight girls. So, Alex finally says ''I can't promise you anything... but I'll give it a try. Once his shorts are off again, Drake doesn't waste a second - he grabs the dude's fat cock and starts jacking it for about 30 seconds and then goes down on it. It doesn't take long for Alex to get into the blowjob as he puts his hand on the back of Drake's head to control the action - probably what he does with his wife. ''I must admit it feels good'' says Alex. Caruso soon has them stand up and compare cocks and you can see that Alex is already taking the lead - rubbing his cock against Drake's equally large one. Drake goes for a kiss and Alex is immediately all in, becoming aggressive with a hot makeout session. It's now Alex's turn to suck his first cock, he starts with the tip and is so into it he eventually deep throats it. Later we learn that it was one of his favorite things about the sex. So, Caruso moves the guys onto fucking and both are now anxious to get going. Drake sits on Alex's uncut 8'' cock and humps it for all he's worth. Alex later tells us that this was his second favorite thing about the sex. Drake is now getting a bit sore, so they change positions with Drake on his back. Watch how Alex just shoves his big cock right into Drake without a pause and just starts fucking the crap out of him. Drake is moaning and screams out ''fuck me'' and Alex picks up the pace until Drake shoots his load. Alex then tears off the rubber and dumps his load onto his new sex buddy! See Alex talk about his very first experience with gay sex. We're sure you'll be seeing him again soon!