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''Conversion King''

Peter, the sexy stud with the 10'' cock is back to convert another straight dude. Peter recently converted his straight buddy Kory in our studio and tells Caruso he's had sex with several straight guys prior to BaitBuddies.com. He thinks he's so good at it, he refers to himself as the 'Conversion King' and we'll be happy to bestow that title on this very hot and horny 24 year old. Peter had called Caruso from Orlando, Florida about a week prior to tell him that he had a new straight guy who was willing to give gay sex a shot for money. His name is Jordan and he found out about the gig through his college buddy Kory - yes, the same Kory who fucked Peter and sucked his 10'' cock. He thought it was really weird for a straight guy to have sex with another dude, but recently his car broke down and he needed money for school, etc, etc, and was willing to give gay sex a try... for cash of course. So, Caruso packed up his cameras and lights and took off for Orlando, home of Disney, Universal and Seaworld, and a huge population of hot, young dudes, straight and gay, who keep those places running. Peter's new straight guy is a Latino named Jordan, a hot looking Dominican dude with a crazy hot, muscular body - broad shoulders, big pecs, a big, rock hard bubble butt which is supported by a set of super muscular thighs and legs. His cock is big, around 8 inches and uncut. Believe it or not, Peter tells Caruso it's his first uncut cock and he's super horny over it. He says he was getting hot just looking at it through Jordan's pants and picturing it in his mouth and ass. Anyway, the guys strip down and Peter goes right in for the kiss and it appears that Jordan likes kissing, a fact that doesn't surprise us with these straight dudes - almost all of them seem to get lost in the kissing. Peter also explores Jordan's clothed body and places Jordan's hand on his own body as they continue to make out. Peter gets Jordan's uncut penis out of his pants and starts right in sucking it. Jordan is having a bit of a problem getting hard, so he has to take out his phone to watch some pussy porn for some psychological stimulation. After some more of Peter's cock sucking, Caruso has them stand up to compare cocks, Peter's 10'' cut piece with Jordan's almost 8'' cock. Jordan remarks how big Peter's cock is, how thick it is, as he demonstrates with his hand. It looks like he's going to grip Peter's penis, but instead his hand hovers just above it. Caruso tells Jordan it's alright to give it a feel, and he does, he jacks it a bit and says ''that's a pretty big dick''. Well, it's now Jordan's turn to suck Peter's cock and surprisingly he does a pretty good job, he even tries to deep throat it, and Peter is loving it with his head thrown back feeling great. When it's time to fuck, Peter says ''I want it inside me... I want it hard'', but at this point things start to go sour. Jordan says ''I'm not sure about this, I don't even do it with girls'' referring to anal fucking. He gets increasingly nervous and chatty and says ''I don't think I can do it''. Caruso sees that he's freaking out about having to fuck Peter, so he tells Jordan to calm down, that he doesn't have to do anything he's not comfortable with. Caruso asks Jordan if he would suck Peter's cock some more and they'll get off that way. A relieved Jordan agrees and takes Peter's huge dick in his mouth again and starts sucking. Peter soon gets carried away and starts fucking Jordan's mouth and shoving his big cock into Jordan's throat which makes the newbie gag. Jordan pulls off and warns Peter not to do that again. Caruso now steps in and tells Peter to switch places and finish Jordan off with his mouth, and he does until that nice, big, uncut cock ejaculates its hot, thick load. It's now Peter's turn. Peter lays back, throws one leg over Jordan's muscular leg and thigh and spreads his other leg wide - maybe hoping Jordan would find his way to Peter's horny hole. No such luck, so Peter has to take matters into his own hands. He runs one hand on the inside of his thigh down to his hole where he applies pressure as he jacks like a crazy man. He finally cums and shoots his load onto his flat, sexy belly. Caruso sends them off to the shower to get cleaned up for the ''After the Shoot'' interview. HOT!