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Special Edition: Dimitri & Fernando in 'Fucking for Double Dollars'

You must've heard about the double couponing phenomenon in the supermarkets. It's been around for many years. You use coupons on a certain date and get double their face value discount. The problem is once a supermarket starts that policy it's so addictive that it's almost impossible to stop because consumers love that extra cash. Well, we kind of have that same situation here at BaitBuddies.com. As an incentive to get a straight guy to have gay sex, you always hear Caruso offering to double their money. And, just like the supermarket customers, many of these guys just want to keep coming back to us - of course for double the money. Guess what, since it works so well, Caruso has no plans on changing that arrangement anytime soon. And now you know why it's not unusual for hot straight dudes like Dimitri and Fernando to call Caruso and ask for work and why they always seem to be willing to agree to his conditions. This week, you'll get to see hot Latino stud Fernando, who was here not long ago, return to have gay sex with sexy hunk, Dimitri, who was here for his first time several months ago. Both guys have agreed to Caruso's conditions, and that is, they both have to get fucked. So, the scene starts off with Caruso interviewing the boys, asking how they prepared for their flip-flop fuck. Dimitri tells Caruso that he has a girl friend (actually a friend with benefits) who's open to just about anything, and that she got his hole prepared with one of her dildos. Fernando starts laughing and he admits that he's been getting ready by fingering his hole while jacking off - and really likes how it feels. Both guys are horned up from watching pussy porn on the studio monitor and ready to go, so Caruso just lets them to it. You'll see lots of kissing with lots of tongue, and the guys swapping long, sloppy blowjobs. The scene ends with the promised flip-flop fuck, with Dimitri taking it doggy style (we had to stop for lots more lube) and then Fernando on his back getting pounding by studly Dimitri until they both blow their hot, creamy loads all over Fernando's, balls, belly and chest!