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''Culo Grande''

Culo grande (big butt in Spanish) is the feature our straight guy, Christian, gets turned on most by when hooking up with his favorite Cuban girls. Christian is Cuban himself, he's 24 and is 6'2'' tall with blue eyes and black hair and an 8.5'' uncut cock. He's here in the studio to make some pussy porn and has just met one of his co-stars, Alan. Alan is also Latino, and he's from Brazil. Alan is 27, 5'10'' with green eyes, brown hair, a 7'' uncut cock and a plump bubble butt. After being introduced, Caruso tells Christian about the boner test that all porn newbies have to take - he must be able to get hard in front of the camera, the cameraman, the lights as well as another dude. So, both guys strip down and start stroking their cocks while watching some straight porn on the studio monitor and both are rock hard in no time. Seeing this, Caruso tells them to keep doing what they're doing while he goes to check on the female talent. Upon his return, Caruso delivers the bad news, the girl had a cooking accident and she's in too much pain to go on camera and unfortunately the talent agency doesn't have anyone else they can send. So, Caruso gives the boys an option, have sex with each other and earn double their originally agreed upon fee. 'No... no... it's not possible' says Christian, intent on letting Caruso know he's not having gay sex. But, the master of making gay4pay porn stars out of reluctant straight men, Caruso, calmly explains the lay of the land to Christian - just how things work in porn. Caruso tells Christian guys and girls in porn do all types of scenes to make money - it's a job after all. Even though Christian claims he never thought of having sex with another guy and never even jacked off with a buddy, ''not in Cuba'' he says, Caruso appears to have convinced him to give it a try. Christian's cock has gone soft and Caruso signals Alan to take hold and get it hard. Christian is a bit taken aback as Alan grabs for his cock, but quickly calms down and lets the dude have his way with him. Soon Christian is hard again and Caruso tells him to take a hold of Alan's cock and jack it. Christian grabs his very first cock and starts stroking his new buddy Alan - until Caruso has him stand up. That's when Alan takes Christian's cock in his mouth. You can see Christian is enjoying his first gay blow job and is suddenly holding Alan's head in place as he actively fucks the dude's face. After a while, Caruso has both boys stand up and compare cocks and foreskins. If you're a lover of uncut cock - this scene might just put you over the edge. As they're comparing, Alan starts rubbing their cocks together and goes in for a kiss. Christian backs up for a moment and then just gets lost in the action - we can tell he's starting to enjoy gay4pay work. Caruso tells Christian it's time to return the favor, and he tentatively takes Alan's uncut, precum lubed cock head in his mouth. He starts sucking a bit and then really gets into it - like a pro. Well, before anyone starts cumming, Caruso wants to see these guys fuck. He tells Christian to take a look at Alan's butt and asks if he wants to fuck it. He doesn't have to be asked twice - Christian bends over and kisses Alan's bubble butt, then spreads Alan's butt cheeks, lubes his finger and start shoving it up Alan's tight butt. But, that's not enough for our Cuban ''Culo Grande'' aficionado, so he spreads Alan's butt cheeks again and dives in with his tongue to lube that tight hole up a bit more and maybe compare the taste to the girls he's rimmed before. Now Alan's hole is well lubed and ready for his big cock. You'll see the boys fuck in a few different positions. Alan moans throughout the entire fuck and finally yells out that he's cumming as he shoots his load onto his belly. After fucking him a little while longer, Christian pulls out and dumps his load all over Alan!