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''How can this feel good?''

Our straight "fine ass truck driver'' as the girls refer to Caleb, is back once again. Caleb is a big boy, all muscle, just the right amount of ink, and manly handsome to boot - and when he finishes stripping down to unveil his almost 8'' very thick cock, it's apparent he's got it all. After trucking for years, he says he has at least one or two girls who are willing to spread for him at most of his stops, but does admit to having fucked a ''lot lizard'' (trucker's term for truck stop hooker) a couple of times. Anyway, this hunky big rig driver called Caruso on a break from delivering freight and asked him if there was any work available - he was ready to come back for his second appearance and was willing to live up to what he originally said to Caruso ''I'll try anything twice''. Of course Caruso always has work available for a straight stud like Caleb, but only under his conditions. After all, if they're getting paid double, they're going to have work for it. And, this time Caleb would have to work for it on his back, getting fucked. Caruso asks him if he's practiced for getting fucked and at first he denies it, but then admits he's fingered his hole a few times in the shower. He also admits he's a little nervous about taking a cock in his hole. Caruso hooks Caleb up with another straight stud, Dimitri. Dimitri is a 20 year old Jersey boy who's an avid skateboarder. He works out occasionally, but it's the skating that gives him that hot muscular, jock body. This boy is good looking, built and hung at 8 inches. And, he too on his last visit to BaitBuddies.com bragged to Caruso that he gets as much sex as he wants. Well, the guys are introduced and they both know what they're there for, so Caruso tells them to go for it. And, that they do - quickly undressing each other as they noisily make out. Once their cocks are out of their jeans, the boys start jacking each other and continue their kissing session. When they're all warmed up, Dimitri gets down on his knees and starts to suck on Caleb's big cock like a pro. They then stand up and start making out with each other once again - and they're really into it. Caleb seems anxious enough to get to Dimitri's cock and gets down on his knees and just deep throats the dude's meat. He slurps away at the boy's cock like crazy and from the look on Dimitri's face it appears that he's doing an excellent job. With blow jobs complete, it's time to fuck. Now we always thought that Dimitri had a super hot bubble butt, but when Caruso tells Caleb to turn around and show us his butt, holy shit, that thing is massive, firm and hairy as fuck - what a hot piece of ass this truck driver is. Caruso tells Caleb to stick his finger in his hole with the lube and use extra because his hairy ass will absorb a lot of it. Once he's ready, he sits down on Dimitri's rock hard dick and quickly gets the entire thing up his hole. He tells us later it was a little painful - it pinched going in. With Dimitri's cock in to the hilt, he starts pumping away at the dude, driving his cock in deep and all of a sudden Caleb must've starting feeling real good, because he just takes over and starts fucking himself on Dimitri's cock. Both boys are super hot and Dimitri just wants to pound the dude's ass, so he gets him on his back, and really thrusts away, pumping his big cock in and out of Caleb's hole. Both boys are moaning and finally Caleb says he's cumming and busts his nut all over his stomach and torso. Dimitri rails his ass for just a little bit longer and pulls his cock out and shoots his load onto Caleb's flat belly. The boys come down from their orgasmic high and Caruso sends them to the shower where the filming continues. Caruso asks Caleb how it felt and Caleb says that he thought to himself ''how can this feel good'' referring to getting fucked by a dude's cock in his hole, but he concluded ''it did''!