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''Master Fucker''

Braxton is back as our Bait boy - a cute, fit Cajun boy from Louisiana who loves to fuck and get fucked and loves straight dudes he says because they're ''masculine''. And his favorite thing is a big, muscular bubble butt. Well Caruso really delivers on his 'favorite thing' this time, because besides his big muscular body, Brayden, our new straight dude, has a big, muscular butt that Braxton gets to play around with - more about that in a moment. Anyway, our straight guy Brayden is a 27 year old ex-military man, a bodybuilder who is 5'8'' with hazel eyes and a bald head, and he's got a big one, 8 inches and it's pretty thick. Brayden wasn't born with that big muscular bod, he worked for it and became a personal trainer, and he's at the top of his game being certified as a 'Master Trainer', which means he's proficient in all aspects of exercise and fitness. Of course, Brayden is here under the impression that he's going to be breaking into pussy porn. When Caruso asks why he thinks he'd be good in porn, he says although he's not bragging, he knows he's good in bed, well endowed and a 'good entertainer', meaning that he knows how to keep someone's attention - and that apparently extends to fucking. Caruso asks him if he's up to a DP (double penetration with two cocks in the same pussy), and he says he is, but ''as long as I'm looking at her and not looking at him [while our dicks are rubbing together]'' referring to Braxton. So, Caruso moves on to tell Brayden about the boner test, explaining that he needs to prove he can get his cock hard in front of an audience of dudes and as well as lights and camera. No problem for Brayden as he strips down to proudly reveal his bodybuilder's physique. He jacks his cock up to it's full hard 8 inches in a short time and he's ready to go. That is until Caruso returns to the set 'girl-less'. Yeah, once again the girl has disappointed us and did not show up and Caruso's 'agent' can't find a replacement in short order. So, he offers the boys the opportunity to double their money with a gay sex session. Immediately, Brayden's cock goes limp and he says ''no, I'm not into that, it's not my thing''. Caruso goes into save mode and explains to him that sex is sex and that most girls who do Lesbian scenes are straight as are many of the dudes who do gay stuff. It doesn't take long with a little pushing from our now eager Bait boy Braxton, for Brayden to give in and agree to give it a try - after all he says as his justification ''it's about the money''. So, Caruso tells Braxton to give Brayden a hand with getting his 8 incher hard once again. Braxton goes right to work on the muscle hunk's cock and soon it's rock hard. Braxton gets on his knees and swallows Brayden's big boy down to the root and before long Brayden is facefucking Braxton while holding his head in place. Braxton comes up for some air when Caruso orders them both to stand up. Braxton grabs Brayden's hard cock once again, but Caruso has to tell Brayden that's it's OK for him to jerk Brayden's cock. They get a little rhythm going in their mutual jack off session and next thing you know they're making out... and Brayden isn't complaining. The short, but apparently passionate kissing session ends with Caruso ordering Brayden to return the favor and suck Braxton's nice, meaty 7'' cut cock. As Brayden gets on his knees, Caruso jokingly says ''is that the position you're used to'', to which the straight boy quickly replies ''I don't do this, this is my first time''. Brayden starts sucking cock and asks Braxton ''Am I doing it OK'' and Braxton just shakes his head yes. Brayden then really goes to town on Braxton's cock - even deepthroating the sucker, at which point Caruso asks for a repeat performance which Brayden provides as he continues to jerk his own cock. It's time to up the ante, so Caruso gets Brayden to show off his big, muscular bubble butt for Braxton and the camera. As soon as Braxton gets a good look at Brayden's big, hot, butt, the horny dude gets down on his knees and starts rubbing his fingers over Brayden's virgin butthole. Brayden warns ''not inside''. Braxton then wets his fingers in his mouth and goes back to rubbing Brayden's virgin hole, he spreads the dude's cheeks and pushes harder, but he's careful not to penetrate. Brayden finally says ''feels good'' and Caruso says ''see, you've been missing out''. But, when Caruso offers to have Braxton fuck him, it's no way, ''I'm straight, no fucking!'' Since Brayden isn't going to get fucked, Caruso has Braxton show his butt to Brayden. Brayden feels it up a bit and says ''just like a girl''. So, Brayden slips on a rubber and starts fucking Braxton doggy style. Braxton is groaning and moaning in ecstasy as the big, powerful ex-military man mercilessly pounds his butt. They soon change position with Braxton now sitting on Brayden's big cock as he faces him. Brayden starts fucking him hard and in a throaty whisper, orders Braxton to ''ride it'', ''there you go'' he encourages his bottom boy. Braxton is in a sexual delirium at this point, bouncing so hard on Brayden's cock that he appears to be in his own world, as Brayden thrusts up like a jackhammer to meet Braxton's butt on the down swing - it's so rough and hard that Braxton looks like he might go flying off the couch at any moment! ''You gonna cum'' says Brayden, ''yeah, gonna cum'' replies Braxton, ''let me see it'', the straight bodybuilder says. With just a few more thrusts, Braxton moans and shoots his load on his belly. Brayden then pulls out and busts his nut all over Brayden's chest and belly. We're all pretty shocked when Brayden says to Caruso ''Hopefully you'll call me back''. Brayden just proved that he's not only a 'Master Trainer', but a 'Master Fucker' too! Don't miss the 'After the Shoot' interview when Brayden talks about the experience and how he wants to set up a training client of his for another scene! More about that in this week's newsletter.