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''Cock & Roll''

Brayden is back. If you haven't yet seen his first video at BaitBuddies.com, you might want to watch that first. It was just two weeks ago when he came in under the illusion he'd be doing some pussy porn for Caruso. Brayden is a 'Master Trainer', he's been certified in all areas of fitness and has the body to prove it. He's 27 years old, 5'8'', 185lbs of well put together muscle, big chest, legs and a top of the line, rock hard and up until today, virgin bubble butt. He's pretty impressive in the cock department too, sporting an 8'' long and fat dick. At his last session in the studio, the girl didn't show and Caruso of course told him that if he wanted to take home a paycheck, he'd have to have sex with his scene partner, our Bait boy, Braxton. If you've watched the video then by now you know the rest of the story - he kissed a dude for the first time, sucked cock and fucked Braxton's hot butt. But, unlike a lot of the other straight dudes we get here, Brayden didn't just go through the motions - no - he REALLY got into it - so much so that after it was all over, he says to Caruso ''I hope you call me back''. Well, the studio lighting barely cooled down before Brayden called Caruso so soon after the shoot - he was all excited that his ''gay'' training client from the gym, Zaq (pronounced Zach), was willing to do a video with him. So, Caruso set up the shoot right away, and here we are, just days later with the two dudes on the couch - Brayden raring to go and Zaq a little nervous. Here's the thing that Caruso did not know until just a few minutes prior to filming, although Brayden always assumed Zaq was homosexual (one look at him and you might think so too), we find out that he's NOT, he's just metrosexual and as hetero as they come. He's been fucking pussy since he was 14 years old and is a self proclaimed promiscuous dude who fucks his brains out. And, that's not hard to believe, even though at 5'6'' he's a compact package, everything about him is just right - making him super hot! He tells Caruso that before he started working out with Brayden he was horribly thin (but we're sure he was not so horrible and still very good looking and hot), but now he's put on dense muscle in all the right places which includes a killer 6 pack, along with his hot, firm and lightly hairy butt and legs, probably enhanced from his years of playing soccer. Caruso asks Zaq, why, besides the money, did he agree to do this video? Zaq says partly because he knows Brayden well enough and would feel comfortable trying this with him, and also the fact that he's his own man and that he marches to the beat of a different drummer. Caruso just tells the guys to go for it - and Brayden, like a starved man, just ravishes his buddy Zaq, from deep kissing, to cocksucking to fucking - hot, hot, hot! When Brayden cums, he even licks up some of his load as Zaq continues to fuck him hard. Zaq then pulls out and jacks off until he busts his nut all over his personal trainer's cock and hands - grinning, he flashes the rock & roll sign to the camera and says ''Cock & Roll!'' For more details about the shoot, check out this week's newsletter.