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''My phone bill is due tonight!''

So, Caruso asks our latest straight entrant Hunter, ''why do you want to do porn'', ''my phone bill is due tonight'' he quips back. And, from that point on it gets crazier and crazier. Hunter, it turns out, is the typical ''class clown'', we couldn't figure out what to take seriously and what things he said were just jokes - then we gave up and just laughed and went with the flow. Hunter is a college dude, and at 20 years old he's quite the hunk, lots of muscle and a crazy hot bubble butt - not to mention his thick, nine inch cock. Hunter tells Caruso he likes ginger girls with big tits and a big butt. That's when Caruso points out that our returning Bait boy, Billy, is a ginger, but without the big tits. Billy chimes in and says ''I got a big butt'' - and that he does - it's a beauty. You might remember Billy from his prior two visits as the dude who likes older guys with big cocks - and loves nothing more than to get fucked and swallow a load of hot cum. He's 24, 6' tall, cute, nice fit body, great legs and of course that hot bubble butt of his. Billy doesn't know whether to be amused or annoyed with Hunter, but he does know that he wants to get fucked by that hung, young muscle hunk. The boys are naked and hard and waiting for Caruso to return with a girl - but are surprised to see him come back empty handed. She's a no show and there's no pussy to fuck in the studio today.  Caruso tells Hunter that he knows he has a phone bill to pay, so they can all make money if he'd be willing to do an alternative shoot - gay sex that is - with Billy.  Like most straight guys the first word out of his mouth is ''no''. So, Caruso goes through the standard questions, ''ever think about having sex with a guy'', ''no'' Hunter says, ''ever watch two girls having sex in a video'', of course they all have, but Hunter answers with another joke. Anyway, Caruso grinds him down until finally he just laughs and says he'll do it.  Hunter's big cock is hanging down sadly now, so Caruso has Billy give him a hand with it. As soon as Billy starts jacking him, he laughs and says ''I can't believe I'm doing this''. The action continues as Hunter's cock gets rock hard and Caruso tells him to start stroking Billy's almost 8'' cock. He does and then he starts looking at Billy's cock and he's like in a trance, and starts playing with the boy's balls. Both dudes are rock hard by now and Billy just bends over and starts sucking Hunter's cock. Hunter automatically starts pushing Billy's head down on his cock ''it feels really good'' he says. He pushes Billy's head harder and faster ''you can go deeper'' and keeps pushing the boy's head down. ''Take a deep breath....you can go deeper'' he commands Billy ''all the way down to the root''. When Billy succeeds, Hunter moans ''oh my God, yeah''!   Then Billy gets up and grabs Hunter in for a kiss, and holy shit do they go at it - Hunter appears to be totally lost in the passion. Now, Caruso tells Hunter to return the favor and start sucking Billy's cock, and he does so like a pro - he's totally into it. ''Yeah, sucking dick'' says Billy, who's enjoying the fuck out of his straight dude blowjob. Caruso knows it's time to move on to fucking, so he ends the blowjob and has Billy show off his super hot bubble butt. Hunter grabs the dude's butt and plays with it a bit - ''nice'' he says. Both guys lube up, Hunter places Billy in the doggy position and shoves his huge cock up Billy's hot, horny hole and starts fucking the crap out of him.  ''You have a fucking big cock'' says Billy as he moans in ecstasy.  Hunter fucks him harder and harder and soon Billy tells Hunter that he needs to cum. So, he gets up and then sits him self down on Hunter's cock facing the camera, so that we get a great view of his body fucking away at Hunter. Hunter is thrusting up, trying to get as deep as  possible inside Billy. Billy can't hold back and blows a huge load all over the floor, spurt after spurt after spurt. Hunter is busting by this time and barely gets his rubber off, you can see some cum already loaded in the tip of his condom. Now, we told you Billy loves swallowing a load, and this time it's no different. He positions himself in front of Hunter with his mouth wide open and takes every rope of cum directly in his mouth, with some landing on his face too, he swallows it all down and finally cleans off Hunter's cock with his mouth. The boys catch their breath and it's off to the shower.