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Special Edition: ''Carrot Top Pop''

Mickey is a straight 18 year old thrill seeker, a motorcycle racer and stunt driver - a ginger, a real carrot top. He shows up for an interview in response to one of Caruso's ads for 'guys who want to break into porn, meet lots of girls and make good money doing it'. But, to Caruso's surprise, during the pre-interview with Sylvia, Mickey, this rough around the edges, straight dude asks about gay4pay work. He's desperate for cash and had heard there's lots more money in it and besides he is a bit curious about gay sex. As you'll hear Caruso explaining in the video, this is a first, it has never happened before. So, Caruso decides to interview the guy on camera about his interest in trying gay porn. He explains that it's mostly about the money, but repeats what he said to Sylvia, that he's always been a bit curious. So, Caruso asks him what he's willing to do, kissing, getting blown, blowing a dude, fucking a dude, and all received a positive answer from Mickey - but when he asks Mickey if he'll get fucked, that's where the boy draws the line - ''I'm always on top'' he says. Caruso asks if he's ever done anything with a dude, even jacked off with a buddy, but Mickey is adamant that he's never done any of that. He does let us know that he's fucked plenty of pussy, even at his young age. He tells Caruso that he's nervous, because he's never had sex with a guy, but he'd like to give it a try. So, Caruso introduces him to Kyle who was originally scheduled to do a different shoot at the studio, but is available because the second guy for his scene didn't show up. Kyle loves straight guys and just wants to suck cock and get fucked, so he's happy enough to do this new scene with Mickey. Kyle is a little shorter than Mickey, he has blond hair and blue eyes and a 7'' cut cock. Caruso tells Mickey that Kyle will show him the ropes. Kyle immediately grabs a compliant Mickey, pulls him close and he has his first gay make out session - and the dude was really into it. Kyle gets the boy's shirt off and what a nice fit 6'2'' body he has, pecs are nice, legs are nice, as is his hot bubble butt and his 7.5 inch, thick pink cock that's already growing to it's full length. The making out continues as Kyle unbuttons Mickey's shorts and we see him shove his hand into the typically straight dude's boxer shorts in order to get a feel of his cock. Kyle slips his shirt off his slender body and then gets on his knees and goes to town sucking Mickey's big dick. ''Much different'' says Mickey, comparing it to the bjs he gets from girls, ''feels good'' he says. Kyle is obviously in heaven sucking a straight 18 year old's dick, breaking this dude in for the first time and he just doesn't want to stop. But, Caruso chimes in and says to Mickey ''you said you liked to fuck'', ''yeah I love to fuck'' says Mickey. Caruso has him slide a rubber on his rock hard cock and Kyle doesn't waste any time, he just sits down on that dick and slides it up his hole in one quick motion and starts using his ass to work Mickey's thick tool. Kyle asks ''how do you feel'', ''that was awesome'' Mickey replies. After a while, Kyle suggests that Mickey fuck him on his back. Without pulling out, Mickey flips Kyle over and really hammers that boy's hole. Kyle tells Mickey faster, ''oh that feels so good' says Kyle. Finally, Mickey can't hold back and pulls off his rubber and jacks a load all over Kyle as he moans with pleasure. Caruso asks Mickey how it was, ''it was fucking good, that shit felt amazing'' he says. Asked if he'd now try getting fucked himself, he tells Caruso yes. Another straight cherry pop, or should we say 'Carrot Top Pop' at BaitBuddies.com. Watch for Mickey's return in two weeks!