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''Ride Daddy's Cock''

Billy Warren, the cute 24 year old, 6' blue eyed, blond Bait boy with the big cock and ''daddy issues'' is back. Yes, he likes older men, and nothing suits him better than a rough fucking by a hot, straight daddy. And boy - Caruso has come across just the right man for the job, our new straight guy, Peter. Peter, at 48 years old is also into the daddy role and prefers young, petite, Latina girls less than half his age. He is 5' 8'' of solid muscle topped off with a big, thick, 8'' cock - and he sure knows how to use that muscle and cock to throw one mean power fuck. He spends several days a week in the gym pumping iron to keep his body in top shape in order to keep attracting an unlimited supply of Latina pussy. Peter believes he's here today to fuck some hot young girls on camera and make some money, how better could a straight dude spend a couple of hours? But, first he meets Billy and is wondering why there's no girl on the set. Caruso explains that before he can bring a girl on camera, the guys have to pass the boner test - watch some porn and make sure they can get their dicks hard in front of each other, in front of Caruso and his camera, under the hot, bright lights. Both guys get their BIG dicks rock hard in no time and Caruso tells them he's going to go get the girl. He returns shortly and tells the guys that the girl didn't show, sunburn and peeling skin made it impossible for her to be on camera. Of course this is for the benefit of Peter, since Billy is already in on the Bait & Switch. Caruso goes on to explain he has another option for them; have sex with each other and get paid double. ''No, I can't do that'' exclaims Peter, ''I came here to fuck a girl'' he tells Caruso. Caruso tries to calm him down and explain, but Peter just stands up and says ''I gotta get out of here''. ''Not so fast dude'', is what Caruso is thinking, so he calms the guy down and asks that he just listens. Caruso goes through the rationalization of how ''it's all about the work'', it doesn't mean you're gay, etc, etc. With the initial shock worn off and Caruso's calming explanation, Peter finally agrees to give it a shot. We'll just sum up the first part of the scene; mutual hand jobs, blow jobs and some frot play and kissing between the first timer and our Bait, Billy, all leading up to the main event, a power fucking like we haven't seen in quite a while. Billy, who's been hankering for daddy cock since he walked into the studio, quickly lubes up and gets into the doggy position. Peter pushes his big, thick cock all the way into Billy's tight hole and starts fucking him, and we mean FUCKING HIM, hard and fast as Billy. keeps chanting ''fuck me, fuck, fuck me...'' over and over. Peter puts every bit of his 180lbs of muscle into that fuck, Billy is in ecstasy, but it even becomes too much for him. So, they take a short pause and next we see Peter taking lube and shoving it up Billy's hole to get him ready for some more fucking. Bill sits down and impales himself on Peter's cock and starts pumping his ass up and down. Peter can't take just sitting there and after a while starts ramming his cock back up to meet Billy's butt using every ounce of power in his big muscular ass and thighs. Then out of nowhere, and you have to listen for it, Peter moans out loud ''ride daddy's cock''. This really gets Billy going and soon he can't hold back and jacks his hot load onto Peter's thigh. Peter then stands up and rails his big rod for his own orgasm.... ''Oh Daddy!''