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''It's like a boomerang!''

Long time fans of BaitBuddies.com may remember our hot, kinky Bait boy, Jessie Colter. Well, Jessie was a physical training client of Trey's, this week's Bait, back several years ago when Trey was still fucking pussy and claimed to be 100% Straight. At the time, Jessie convinced Trey to come into our studio and make a gay porn video with him. They were always pretty tight, besides Trey training Jessie, they went to clubs together where Trey would hunt pussy and Jessie would eye the dudes and point them out to Trey who would laugh it off. But, nothing was funny about their first time having sex. It turned into one super hot scene and Trey hasn't been the same since. Soon, Caruso sent Trey out on jobs and he quickly became a prolific gay4pay performer. Then Trey decided to take a rest from making gay porn and only came out of his self imposed 'retirement' this past year to return to our studio and have sex with one specific guy he had seen on the site, Alejandro, and these two powerful men turned out one very hot sex scene. So, Trey is back once again, even bigger this time, just take a look at his thighs! He tells Caruso he's crossed the psychological, cultural and religious boundaries (he comes from a religious Puerto Rican/Filipino background) and is pretty much exclusively into gay sex now. He also says that he especially loves straight men, because they're hard to get. Caruso tells Trey that he's now in the 'inner circle' and their goal today is to turn out a very straight, very handsome, 6'4'' nicely built, and generously hung dude named Landon. Caruso introduces Landon and from that moment on Trey just about stares a hole into the guy. We soon learn that Landon is from the northern, redneck area of Florida and lives near the beach where he surfs and bodyboards. And, when Caruso asks him why he'd be good for porn, his simple answer is ''I like to take my clothes off'' and quickly agrees with Caruso that he's an exhibitionist. Caruso doesn't waste any time getting the guys stripped down naked and jacking their 8'' dicks in order ''to make sure that they can get it up in front of the camera''. Landon's 8 incher is rock hard in no time, he's getting off just being naked. Now that they're 'ready', Caruso tells the horny boys that he's going to get the girl. Unfortunately, he has to tell them that the girl never made it to the studio and there's no other pussy to be had for the scene. However, Caruso offers Landon a chance to make double the original money, but when he hears that he'll have to have sex with Trey, he says ''no, not gonna happen''. He tells Caruso he's never even thought about fooling around with another guy. His only experience was jacking with a buddy back in high school. Caruso does his best to talk him into changing his mind and giving gay sex a chance when he notices Landon staring at Treys big, hard cock and says ''you keep looking over there at his dick - you seem fascinated by it''. Logan replies ''a little bit... it's kind of new territory for me''. Caruso knows he has the dude and he just needs a little push, so he gives Landon an opening by saying ''well you said you like to try new and exciting things... ''. And, the next thing you know, Landon agrees to give it a try ''I'm not guaranteeing anything'' the straight boy says. And, before he can change his mind, Trey grabs Landon's now soft cock and starts stroking it. Trey then takes Landon's hand and puts it on his own cock, ''this is the first time I touched another guy's dick'' says Landon. Landon gets a little playful and releases Trey's hard dick allowing it to flip back and slap Trey's stomach a few times, ''it's like a boomerang'' says Caruso ''it keeps coming back''. With their mutual jerk off session in full swing, Trey gets Landon to stand up and grabs the boy by the back of the head and pulls him in for his first man to man kiss. And, boy do these straight guys love kissing, lots of noisy tongue action until the two finally break apart. It's now Landon's turn to pop his cock sucking cherry. He gets on his knees and starts in right way, almost like he's been waiting for the moment. It doesn't take him long to figure out how to suck Trey's thick 8 inches and take it all the way down his throat! That completed, the boys move on to fucking. Landon has no intention of taking a dick up his ass, but he seems pretty enthusiastic about fucking back into Trey as he sits down on Landon's big, thick tool. Both dudes are moaning with pleasure, but Landon wants to get down to business and fuck his man pussy the right way. So, Trey gets on his back and Landon just jackhammers the dude's butt in missionary position until Trey yells out that he's cumming, almost simultaneously Landon's cock slips out of his butt hole and he rips the condom off and starts jack his own cock. Trey pops first, showering his torso with wet puddles of cum. Landon furiously jacks his big weiner until he shoots ropes of white, creamy cum all over Trey's already self-spermed stomach. The boys catch their breath and Caruso sends them off to clean up and shower. In their post sex interview Landon tells Caruso ''it was interesting - I had a lot of fun''. ''What did you like the most'' Caruso questioned Landon, ''watching him jerk off''. See what other interesting things they had to say in 'After the Shoot'.