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''Cock Burn''

Brayden, the 'Master' physical trainer is back for his third round at BaitBuddies.com. When the bodybuilding 27 year old hunk first showed up, he was raring to fuck some hot Latina pussy with his big, thick 8'' cock, but we turned the tables on him and instead he wound up fucking another dude. And he liked it, we mean he really liked it, so much so that at the end of the shoot he said to Caruso ''I hope you'll call me back''. Before we could even wash the cum out of the towels from that first scene, he was suggesting that he brings a gay training client of his in to the studio to do another video, and this time he'd get fucked. Well, that training client, Zaq, is not only to be a total hottie, but even with his metrosexual look, he wasn't gay, as it turns out he was straight as an arrow. After that shoot, Caruso asked Brayden if he had tried to hook up with Zaq again (who wouldn't?), and he said he was totally into it - even took them both out for drinks after the shoot. If you want to know what happened after Brayden and Zaq were dropped off in the studio parking lot, read what Caruso has to say in this week's newsletter. So, like we said, this is Brayden's third appearance and Caruso of course had to fill him in on the fact that he's now an insider and he's here to do to the new straight guy, what was done to him the first time - get him to have gay sex. Brayden is all for it, he says he's only fucked dudes since he did his first BaitBuddies.com video, still likes girls, but has only had sex with gay and some straight boys. He tells Caruso he particularly likes straight boys because gay sex is so new to them, more exciting and they're more masculine and tough. He loves fit muscular dudes, so we knew he wouldn't be disappointed with Darin, a straight bodybuilder with blue eyes, blond hair and a thick 7.5'' cock - a real nice one - not to mention his super firm bubble butt.  Darin is originally from Miami, but grew up in the hills of Kentucky, so he's a bit rough around the edges, a little redneck, yet his bodybuilding and fitness keeps him real clean cut appearing. Darin tells Caruso he'll be good for porn, because he's got the urge to fuck all day long, he's kind of modest about his looks, body and cock, which makes him not only good, but perfect for porn. He's also pretty conservative, straight laced - like when Brayden asks him if he has any videos of himself fucking chicks and he's kind of taken aback, like he never would think of doing that. By now the guys are naked and have worked up two huge boners and we're at the point where Caruso has to tell them that there's no girl for the shoot and instead offers them double the money to have sex with each other. ''Oh man! I don't know about that one'' says Darin, who was already suspecting a catch to the double money thing. But, Caruso and Brayden go to work on him and soon have him agreeing to give it a try - it's just about the money and the work anyway, so what the hell, was his conclusion. Darin's dick is already limp, so Caruso tells the boys to give each other a hand. Brayden doesn't have to be told twice, he's been anxious to touch Darin since he laid eyes on him. Brayden strokes the boy's cock and then takes Darin's hand and puts it on his own cock for a mutual masturbation session. Even though Brayden is hard, the handjob doesn't appear to be doing much for Darin. So, what's a guy to do, well Brayden knows, he bends forward and goes down on Darin's cock. Watch Darin's face as he experiences a man sucking his dick for the very first time - it's priceless. That face though soon takes on a more erotic expression as he realizes just what a fucking good cocksucker Brayden is. Caruso soon has the boys stand up and after fooling around a bit, Brayden pulls Darin in for a kiss. And, as it always seems to go, the straight boy just melts into it - he gets so lost in it that twice he starts caressing Brayden's muscular body, possibly fulfilling a long repressed desire of feeling another built dude's body to experience what a girl does when she feels up his own hard body. The boys keep at the kissing for a while, shoving their tongues down each others throat. Caruso finally tells Darin that it's his turn to suck some dick, so with a just a little hesitance he goes right down on Brayden's 8 incher and really does a great job, even taking that huge cock down his throat.  Enough of that, because Brayden's now experienced butthole is, hot, wet and itching to get fucked by his new straight bodybuilder buddy, Darin. Down on his hands and knees he takes that big, long, fat and hard schlong fast and deep as Darin fucks him like a cheap piece of pussy - ramming it into him harder and harder. Brayden moaning like he's going out of his mind is ready to flip over and get fucked like a real man, on his back with this legs up in the air. Darin rams his big tool back in and starts railing the boy's big butt. It doesn't take more than a minute until Brayden says ''you're going to make me cum quick''. And that was no lie, just another minute later and he's jacking a big load all over his body, ''just because I came, doesn't mean you're done yet'' says Brayden. Unphased, Darin continues to hammer the boy's butt as Brayden is jacking his still hard dick until Darin reaches the point of no return, pulls the rubber off a jacks his own sizable load all over Brayden. Darin is so caught up in the orgasm he says out loud to nobody in particular ''I almost came a second time''. It isn't difficult to come to the conclusion that he really liked the fucking. He also said he liked getting his dick sucked. Only problem, Darin and everyone was laughing about, was that with all that cock in his throat, he said that he had some ''cockburn''. Anybody have Rolaids!