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''Awesomest cumshot ever!''

Alessio Romero, a well known porn star on the 'bear' circuit, is a long time buddy of Caruso, and a fan of BaitBuddies.com. Although, only having one experience in his 42 years with a straight guy, he tells Caruso that it's something that excites him, just the taboo of having what he can't normally have. Only recently did Caruso meet up with Alessio and a few guys for dinner where he invited the veteran porn star to fulfill his straight guy fantasy in one of our videos for the very first time. So, here we are on the set and Alessio is being introduced to our new straight guy, Keaton, a cute, 6' tall, fit guy with hazel eyes and brown hair, a sexy bubble butt and a really nice and thick 7.5 inch cut cock with a big set of low hangers. Keaton said he's been interested in doing pussy porn for a long time. He loves being naked and having people watch him have sex. This might be his first time on video, but it's not his first time being watched, as he's had buddies and their girls watch him have sex before. And, as you'll see later in the video, this boy can throw one powerful fuck. Just ask Alessio who's probably still limping around after the fucking he took from that dude. Keaton goes on to tell us that he likes the ''alt'' type girl with tats, piercings, etc, and of course ''big boobs'' and that he's done 3 ways with another buddy and a girl, but never double penetration - but he's willing to do it for the video. Anyway, Caruso tells Keaton that before he can fuck any pussy, we have to be sure he can get it up in front of the camera, so he'll have to take the ''test'', and get his dick hard first. Well, it doesn't take the dude but a couple of minutes watching straight porn for his dick to get rock hard - and it's a beauty - already dripping precum. So, Caruso tells them he's going to get the girl and they'll get started with the shoot. But, as usual, our girls seem to be very unreliable and this one proves no different, she's a no-show. You can see the look of dismay and disappointment on Keaton's face when Caruso gives them the news. But, he also gives them another option so they don't have to leave empty handed - they would have to have sex with each other - for double the money. Keaton surprisingly, in a very low keyed manner says ''well, I don't know how I feel about that''. Caruso pushes the straight dude to find out just what he means, but Keaton doesn't seem to really know himself. He says he's never thought about having sex with another guy, but he does admit having circle jerks with buddies when he was younger. By the end of the three way conversation, Keaton just says ''well, I came all the way down here... and it's double the money''... yeah, the dude was all in. So, Caruso gets the action started and tells Alessio to jack Keaton's now softened cock and get him hard again. After only a minute, Keaton's boner is back and Caruso tells him to start jacking Alessio, which he does with little hesitation. Soon, Alessio is bending over and engulfing Keaton's, big straight boy penis in his mouth giving him his first gay blow job... and Keaton isn't complaining. After Alessio has been slurping at that magnificent tool for a while, it's Keaton's turn to return the favor. He tentatively takes Alessio's cock in his mouth and starts on the tip until he reaches a comfort level and then does pretty good for his very first cocksucking. Now, Alessio pulls the younger boy in for a kiss and Keaton pulls back a little and then just gives in to the moment and starts making out with Alessio like he's been doing guys forever. They catch their breath and Caruso asks Alessio if he's ready to get fucked. A grin comes over his face and he tells Caruso he's more than ready. He gets on his hands and knees and in one motion, Keaton pushes his big cock all the way into his hole and just starts pounding the guy. Keaton fucks like a man possessed. He outright jackhammers Alessio's hairy butt and Alessio is moaning in ecstasy, ''that cock is so big'' he says. Soon, Alessio adds some more lube, gets on his back and Keaton again just slides his big, hard cock right into Alessio in one quick motion and by the sounds coming out of Alessio mouth, you know he felt that. Keaton just starts power fucking Alessio until the dude can't hold back and shoots a big load all over his torso. Keaton fucks a bit more and pulls out and starts jacking his cock. We see Alessio's legs shaking, maybe an aftermath of his orgasm? But, when the camera pulls back, we see instead that it's Keaton's body that's shaking in some kind of orgasmic pleasure seizure as he pops a huge splattering load of cum, as Alessio describes it, ''the awesomest cumshot ever!'' Don't miss it!