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''Everyone stand back!''

Just this past summer, Javier, the handsome 21 year old Latino with the hot body and yummy bubble butt arrived at BaitBuddies.com declaring his straightness... that is until Caruso had him suck his first cock and fuck his first dude butt. And, he pretty much said that he liked it. So, when he calls Caruso recently and wants more work, he's told that he's going to have to do just a little more than last time - give up his hot, sexy bubble butt to another dude. Javier says he's up for it and when questioned by Caruso in the studio, he's a little bit embarrassed and reluctantly tells him that he practiced on his hole with his girlfriend's dildo. Javier is introduced to his screenmate, Luke, a 6'2'', 21 year old straight boy. Luke is a hottie, fair skinned, wavy blond hair, blue eyes and a natural, sinewy, defined, fatless body with an 8'' cock and a big set of low hanging balls. Luke tells Caruso that he's perfect for doing pussy porn because he can get hard for just about any girl. He especially likes them with long hair, a nice ass and big tits - even says his ideal measurements for a good piece of ass is 34-25-34. Well, he doesn't know it yet, but he's not even getting close to any pussy in this video - unless boy pussy counts. Anyway, Caruso explains the boner test to the boys and that they both need to get it up in front of the cameras, under the hot lots and with Caruso and each other looking on. Javier strips down fast as he loves to show off his stuff - and Luke isn't far behind. We that Javier is already rock hard, and it only takes Luke a few minutes to catch up as he watches the pussy porn playing in the studio. Caruso is off to get the girl, but returns empty handed, car accident this time - we just have the unluckiest female porn models in the industry *wink*. So, without any girls being available, the only option he can offer the two boys is from them to make a gay video... have sex with each other. Now, instead of an outright ''no'' from Luke, he asks Javier what he thinks about this. Of course, Javier is in on the plot and quickly tells Luke he needs the cash, so he's willing to do the gay sex thing. Luke doesn't seem all that phased about the decision and with just a little further discussion is ready for his first round of man to man action. Noticing that his cock has gone limp, Caruso tells Javier to give him a hand, which he does. Soon both boy are stroking each other and both are hard as a rock and ready to go. So, Javier goes down on Luke's big cock and really gives that boy a blue ribbon blow job. ''That feels pretty good'' says Luke, as Javier continues to blow him. Caruso then has them stand up and Javier starts rubbing their big cocks together and you can see the enjoyment and desire in their faces. Javier takes the opportunity to pull Luke in for a kiss, but Luke backs away. Javier isn't giving up and goes back in, and this time with the shock of another dude trying to kiss him having worn off, Luke just lets it happen and they get into a short, but pretty hot make out session. Caruso asks Luke ''when you were young did you think about sucking dick'' because he told Caruso he once thought about a buddy sucking his cock, but nothing happened. Luke says he never thought about sucking cock. But, now is his opportunity, actually his obligation to return the favor to Javier. He's kind of amateurish at sucking dick, keeping mostly to the top of Javier's cock, eventually he does let it penetrate a little deeper, but it never goes into his throat. Caruso can see this isn't turning Luke on and that he just wants to get it over with. Caruso lets him stop and when asked about the cocksucking, he does say ''it was easier than I thought it would be''. Caruso moves them on to fucking by having Javier present his hot bubble butt to Luke. Javier tells Caruso at this point that he's just curious about getting fucked. This will be Javier's first real cock fucking, so he lubes his hole and takes control by sitting on Luke's dick while facing him. He lets it sink into his mostly virgin hole, slowly, and you can hear his deep breathing, trying to aid the penetration along. Once Luke's cock is deep inside him it must've hit just the right place, because Javier starts humping the full eight inches slowly but without a pause. You can tell both boys are enjoying it. Caruso then tells Javier to get on his back, ''I want to see you fuck the cum of him'' he says to Luke. And, that he does, pounding that boy's butthole like any other pussy he's fucked, until Javier yells out that he's coming. Everyone stand back! Or, you just might get hit by that load - it's huge and splatters Javier's belly and torso. Seeing that, Luke just speeds up his fucking and finally rips off his rubber and busts another splattering geyser of cum all over Javier!