Straight: Luke Wilde
Straight: Crash
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''Buddy and the Beast''

Well, this one really took Caruso by surprise. He was under the impression that Luke wasn't coming back anytime soon, since he didn't seem to really love having sex with Javier the first time he was at But, money talks and here he is and he's brought his straight buddy, Crash. Crash is your typical redneck from northern Florida who spends his nights drinking beer and banging trashy pussy at local hangouts. He's even had a three way with one of these girls and his buddy Luke. The two have known each other for a couple of years. They met at the place they're both still working at. Caruso asks Crash what he thought about seeing Luke have sex with another dude in his first video Bait Buddies. Crash says he's pretty open about sex. He tells Caruso that when he was a little younger he was sharing a bed with a buddy after a night of drinking and the next thing you know, he's getting a blowjob from the dude. ''It felt good, so I didn't stop him''.

Caruso tells the boys to strip down and get to it. Their clothes come off quickly and we're soon reminded that 6'2'', 21 year old Luke is a hottie, fair skinned, wavy blond hair, blue eyes and a natural, sinewy, defined, fatless body with an 8'' cock and a big set of low hanging balls. His country boy buddy Crash, who got his name for crashing one too many cars, has the typical, naturally fit body you get from rural living and manual labor.He's got an average, but very serviceable sized cock. Once naked they're kind of just standing there, so Caruso tells them to touch each other. After some mutual stroking, Crash says ''this is crazy'', but he's not stopping, he says of their little stroke fest ''it feels good''. Luke, taking his cues from Caruso, gets on his knees and starts sucking Crash's cock. ''That feels good'' crash says, ''you're pretty good at that'', but Luke quickly lets it be known that he's not a cocksucker and has only done it once before during his first video for Caruso. Luke is taking his buddy's cock deep and keeps gagging and coughing, so a few times a concerned Crash asks ''you alright'', and Luke just continues on. Caruso now tells Crash that it's his turn. He hesitantly gets on his knees and starts to slowly suck the boy's cock. Next thing you know he's going nuts on Luke's cock, even deepthroating that big thing a few times. Crash says to his friend ''promise you won't tell anybody'' and he's right back on Luke's cock. Luke pushes Crash's head deep onto his long cock and Crash chokes ''that's not cool dude'', but Luke is having too much fun and does it a couple more times. Luke tells his pal ''for your first time that's pretty damn good'', ''I'm just sucking it, isn't that what you're supposed to do'' says Crash. Caruso sees it's time to move on and has the boys stand up and rub their cocks together. Both guys, taking Caruso's signal, go for a little make out session, but they start to laugh after the first kiss and have to go back and give it another try... not bad for two straight boys. Enough of that and on to the main event, a super hot flip flop fuck. Luke is anxious to give it a go and so is Crash. Crash shoves his cock right up Luke's hole and starts fucking him, then before you know it, he's ramming his cock doggy style into Luke's hot butt, hard, really hard. ''You fuck like a beast'' remarks Caruso. And, Luke seems to really be enjoying it. Well it's time to see if Crash will get fucked, and sure enough he wants to give it a try. So, Crash gets on his back and Luke shoves his cock in, ''are you all the way yet'' groan's Crash, ''no'' Luke replies as he jams his fat cock up his buddy's ass, right to the root. Crash screams out ''that's not even cool man''. So, Luke takes it slower until Crash is comfortable, and then really starts pumping away. Crash says it's starting to feel good and wants it harder, and Luke complies. He fucks that boy into sexual insanity until he blows his load. ''Cash is still moaning and screaming out and says ''I came soft'', something he didn't think was possible. Luke is in his own state of ecstasy as he continues to pump hard into Crash's hole as Crash continues to jack his cock and moan, until Luke pulls out and cums all over his buddy's chest!