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''Delivering a load in Florida''

It has been quite the trip since his first visit to BaitBuddies.com when Caleb, the big, hunky, long distance trucker, declared himself straight. This handsome, muscular dude with the tattoos and 8'' cock who proclaimed that ''I'll try anything twice'', fucked and sucked his first guy ever here and then returned to us a second time to get his anal cherry busted. By the third time, this manly dude who told us that he had two girls he fucked at every stop on his truck route, returned with his new adorable boy toy, Mark, who he met at one of the distribution centers he loads up at. Yeah, Caleb drove him in his truck through several states to reach Bait Buddies in Florida, and said they carried out a plan to fuck all the way down, at least once in each state and that it was much better than the pussy he was getting. Then they sucked and fucked in front of the camera for you guys and it was super hot! Check out their prior video and watch it all happen. Anyway, boy toy Mark loves getting fucked by a real man like Caleb who's bigger than him in every way, and then makes sure he cleans every drop up with his mouth. Well, they both had such a great time, not to mention the money they both made, that as soon as Caleb had the opportunity to make another run to Florida, he called Caruso and asked if he could bring Mark along for a second video. Of course he could, but Caruso wanted to know what he was going to add to this video, what would he be willing to do that he didn't do last time. His answer ''Mark will fuck me''. Caruso inquired and found out that the only other time Caleb was fucked was at BaitBuddies.com in his prior video. Caleb said that he tried a few times with Mark, but they were never totally successful. He assured Caruso that he'd be able to do it on camera by the time they arrived in Florida. Now you need to watch for certain things in this video. First, even though Caleb can't yet admit it, it looks like he's really falling for Mark, and you'll again see how Mark worships Caleb and his body and is totally in lust with him. As Caleb is fucking Mark, you can see Mark wanting to kiss him, but for some reason it never happens during the fucking itself. Also, make sure you pay attention to how Caleb handles Mark, he's very possessive, but very loving with him and it's extremely hot to see Caleb's big, manly hands and forearms as he touches and strokes Mark's tight, sexy, boyish body and cock. There are some really great parts of of this scene, like the long 69 session and Mark pounding Caleb's mostly virgin hole until he can't hold back and shoots onto Caleb's flat, sexy belly. When it's Caleb's turn to get off, he tells Mark ''get ready, I'm going to cum in your mouth'' - and he sure does, then feeds the rest to his boy right from his cummy fingers. Load delivered!