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Kowabunga dude!

If you ever read a porn story about a hot straight surfer dude being seduced into gay sex by a buddy, Malachi is that surfer guy! And, Zeke a returning Ft Lauderdale straight boy, another successful conversion to gay4pay by Caruso, who now identifies as mostly gay, is the lucky Bait boy. We say lucky, because Malachi is quite the find. He's a sexy, fit, cute as hell surfer by day and pussy hound by night. He's the ''Jeff Spicoli'' character from the classic coming of age comedy ''Fast Times at Ridgemont High''. Caruso brings Malachi in to meet Zeke at which point we learn a little bit about him. Malachi lives for the surf, he just came back from surfing in Peru where he had a wild time - so wild that he broke his board and needs to make some fast cash to replace it. We also find out that he's 25, doesn't do relationships and likes his girls natural. He tells Caruso that he got a late start having sex at seventeen when an older woman took him into a hot attic, slipped out of her dress and took his virginity. Since then, he's made up for lost time - he says he's always getting pussy. He even tells Caruso that he got laid the morning of the shoot! He's pretty open about sex, has three-ways with his male cuz and a girl, sometimes he fucks a chick while his cuz is fucking in the next bed. He also loves to show off his stuff, he likes nude beaches and even used to surf naked... until he was arrested and then he decided not to do it again. With the interviews over, Caruso tells Malachi that there's a test and not knowing that what he means by a test is just getting a boner in front of the camera, Malachi panics saying ''I'm not good at written tests'' - pretty funny. Caruso assures him that there's no studying or writing in this test, and Malachi sighs with relief and relaxes back on the couch. Soon both dudes are nude and rock hard and Caruso goes to get the girl. But, as usual our unreliable porn girl can't work today because of 'lady problems'. Thinking he can save the day, Malachi hollers out ''dude, I'm red wing certified'', meaning he'll fuck her even if she's on her period, Caruso quickly dismisses that idea. Yet, there is still a way to save the day and for everyone to make some money... Malachi's ears perk up... ''what do I have to do''. When he finds out that it requires him to have sex with Zeke, Malachi exclaims ''I'm here to fuck pussy''. ''You want me to have sex with him'' says Malachi as he points to our bait boy Zeke with some undisguised disgust . Zeke is all in of course, he tells Malachi that he's broke and really needs the money. Malachi agrees he needs the money to fix the board he broke in Peru, so he agrees to give it a try. ''You won't tell anybody'' he very seriously says to Zeke, not thinking about the fact that it's going on the Internet. So, Malachi settles down and tells Caruso ''I need my own porn to watch'' referring to the porn on his phone, ''he's a dude'' say Malachi emphatically, as an explanation for the need to watch his pussy porn. Before Malachi can change his mind, Caruso tells Zeke to give him a hand. Zeke gets right on the job and starts jacking the surfer dude's thick cock and after a few strokes just goes down on him and starts sucking - ''you do have a warm mouth'' says Malachi, ''he's pretty good... he doesn't use teeth''. Zeke is loving giving this hot, straight surfer dude his first gay blowjob, but all good things must come to an end as Caruso tells Malachi that he has to return the favor. Hesitantly, he gets on his knees and takes the top of Zeke's cock into his mouth and starts sucking, but with a little push from Caruso, he's soon taking almost the entire length into his mouth and giving his first blowjob ever. Caruso then has the boys boys stand up and rub their cocks together. It's Zeke's opportunity to grab Malachi for a kiss, and they make out for a bit - ''your the first dude I kissed... I liked it'' he says. He barely has time catch his breath from this new experience when Caruso asks him if he's ready to fuck Zeke - ''you mean in his poopa'' says Zeke. Malachi just says okay, but he's really unsure of what to do. He's just been introduced to lube for the first time, as hard as that is to believe, he also just gave his first blowjob and kissed a dude for the first time, and now this! Well, he agrees, so Zeke gets to try his first fuck with straight boy Malachi topping. It's something to watch as Malachi awkwardly attempts to locate the dude's hole (poopa) and shove his cock in. He finally does, asking Zeke if he's okay a few times along the way, but after just a little fucking he goes soft. Caruso takes a shot and asks Malachi since he's unable to fuck Zeke, if he'd be willing to try a cock in his hole. ''In my poopa'' he asks incredulously --- but he's so fucking horny by now, he just agrees to it. Sexy Malachi gets on his back and Zeke starts shoving his cock in. Malachi is groaning as this first part of the penetration is painful. As soon as Zeke realizes he popped Malachi's cherry, he starts pounding the boy and before long, those pained groans turn to ecstatic squeals and moans... Malachi appears to be loving it! After a couple of restarts for more lube, Zeke starts out slowly and as Malachi seems to be going nuts, he picks up speeds and pounds the no longer virgin butthole as hard as he could as we hear Malachi chanting ''oh, oh, oh, fuck yeah''. Zeke is fucking the surfer as he strokes his cock and squeals and moans until he shoots a load. Zeke continues to fuck the boy, but Malachi says it's too much for him, so he pulls out and jacks a warm load of cum all over Malachi's chest! The boys catch their breath and Malachi tells Caruso that he really liked getting fucked and even thanks him for the experience! Caruso sends the boys off to the shower where the filming continues and you can check out Malachi's sexy bubble butt. He's one fucking hot surfer dude - KOWABUNGA!