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''Good boy!''

Straight boy Lance ''Mr. Agreeable'' is back. We weren't too sure he would ever return, because even though it turned out that he liked the gay sex, and he seemed not to mind taking orders, the ''agreeable'' aspect of him, he just wasn't very comfortable doing it on camera. If you remember, Lance wasn't getting much pussy at the time and he thought that doing porn would provide him with an endless supply of girls. Well, fortunately for him, he stumbled upon BaitBuddies.com and instead of a girl, he had sex with Bait boy Brett, it wasn't only his first gay oral sex experience, but since he admitted to liking ass play, anal beads, etc, Caruso gave him the opportunity for his first gay fuck and he took Brett's 9'' cock like a champ. There were no immediate plans to have him back, and then Adam Russo comes along. Adam is a well known gay porn star in his 40's, and he's a total hunk with 160lbs of muscle and an 8'' cock. Caruso has known Adam for years, and he has always been a big fan of the site. He especially goes for the dudes who are on the boyish side as he's very much into the ''daddy/son'' thing. He even tells Caruso how he loves it when his current boyfriend calls him ''pa-pa''. So, ever since a very boyish Lance appeared on the site a couple of months ago, Adam has be in lust with boy and has been bugging Caruso to hook them up. However, Caruso kept telling Adam that as agreeable as the kid is, he isn't comfortable on camera and he didn't think Lance would come back. Anyway, Adam recently called Caruso to tell him that he'd be in town working on another video and if there's any possibility of getting Lance to do another scene that he'd love to fuck the living daylights out of him. Well, Caruso thought why not, and when he called Lance he was really surprised that Lance was just his agreeable self and said ''sure''. When the scene opens we see that Adam and Lance are already getting comfortable with each other. Of course Lance was sitting quietly as he usually does, but now with Adam's arm around him, waiting to be told what to do. So, after a short interview with the guys, Caruso just tells Adam to go for it. It's a total erotic experience watching Adam strip off Lance's clothes and begin to make love to him. There's lots of kissing throughout as they strip each other down. Adam quickly makes it known that he's in control and orders Lance to get down and suck his cock. The older guy makes him take all 8 inches straight down his throat several times and keeps praising Lance with ''good boy... that's my boy'', and you can soon tell that Lance is getting turned on by this daddy/son role play and domination by Adam. Before long, Adam is eating and fingering Lance's tight hole. Lance who is usually quiet is moaning from Adam's expert rimming. Adam rubs his big cock all over Lance's hole and he lets Caruso know he can't wait any longer to get inside the boy. Caruso hands him a rubber which he quickly puts on and then penetrates Lance's hole quickly and completely as both guys moan. Without warning, Adam just starts pounding Lance, and when you think he can't fuck him any harder, he does! Now flipped from doggy to missionary, Adam plows into him once again and both of them are moaning and groaning louder and louder with Adam encouraging Lance to shoot his load. Soon Lance can't hold back and cums while he's literally screaming. Adam slows down to let the boy enjoy his orgasm, he kisses and cuddles him and then when he can't take it any more, starts fucking Lance again, railing that boys ass until he pulls out and busts his own nut. In the end Lance tells Caruso he thinks he found his niche with older guys, because he felt so comfortable this time. Stay to the very end and see what both dudes have to say in 'After the Shoot'