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After watching this video you might agree, Caruso is the number one matchmaker in gay4pay straight guy porn! Let's start with our Bait boy, Owen. Owen is a first timer on BaitBuddies.com. Some of his buddies in the business who were Bait for Caruso got Owen interested in watching the site videos, and since one of Owen's fetishes (just for the record, his other fetish is cum), is having sex with straight dudes, because he loves the mystery and challenge of it. So, he contacted Caruso to ask if he could work in a Bait video. Once Caruso saw his portfolio, he was more than happy to invite the 6' 175lb, muscular, handsome, hung, blue eyed, hairy stud to do a scene. And, he knew just who to pair a hottie like Owen with, a straight jock who was looking to break into pussy porn named Scott. Wow! Scott is really cute and built. He's a couple of inches shorter than Owen at 5'10'', has a real hairless jock body and a thick 7.5 inch cock which is as beautiful as they come. Both boys have super sexy bubble butts to boot. They're a physical match made in heaven, a hunk sandwich, and who wouldn't want to be the meat in between! Well, Scott is hoping for some hot pussy to fill that role. It wouldn't be his first time. He's had a three way before, one he tells us about was with his college roommate's slutty girlfriend. How convenient is that, you barely have to roll out of bed to join in your own private sex orgy. Well, Scott has yet to learn that the only other party in today's three way will be Caruso and his camera. The boys have been interviewed and passed the boner test with flying colors, their cocks rock hard and ready to roll. Caruso goes to get the 'girl' as Scott watches straight porn and jacks his cock, and Owen ogles Scott and jacks his. Owen has been eyeing Scott from the moment Caruso introduced them... and it very obvious that Owen really, really likes what he sees. Caruso returns and breaks the bad news, the girl didn't show. He tells Scott he can pay him double the original fee, but he'd have to have sex with Owen. Scott quickly shakes his head ''I don't know if I can do that... I'm not going to let a guy suck my dick''. How many times has Caruso heard that from a straight guy. Scott continues to resist for a little while, but seeing Owen is willing and Caruso is kind of making sense, it's no longer seeming like such a big deal. So, soon enough Owen is jacking Scott and the poor boy looks like a deer in headlights. Scott smiles uncomfortably and just appears to let it happen. That is until he's shocked back into reality when Owen takes his hand and pulls it over and onto his own big dick and Scott finds himself masturbating another dude for the first time in his life. There's a lot of nervous chatter as the boys stroke each other, until Caruso tells Scott to stand up, and with the boy's cock he's been craving for the last half hour at face level, Owen goes down on him and is soon sucking cock like a starving slut. Shortly, we can see that he's really getting off on Scott, and it turns into a long and erotic blowjob. Caruso has them both stand up and compare cocks. Scott's is definitely bigger than Owen, and we think he's bigger than he first told us, it has to be at least eight inches and thick! As Owen takes the opportunity to pull Scott in for a kiss, Scott laughs nervously, but soon their making out gets serious, Scott unconsciously starts stroking Owen's leg until he realizes what he's doing and pulls back. Caruso informs Scott that it's his turn to suck Owen's dick. He hesitates a second, but then gets down and slowly puts Owen's big dick in his mouth and starts sucking. Eventually, he gets about half the length in and seems to be enjoying it, at least his cock was, because it stays hard the entire time he's blowing Owen. Scott had told Caruso that he likes butt play, butt fucking with his girlfriends, so Caruso suggests that it's time fuck Owen. He has Owen turn around and display his hefty bubble butt. ''It's a little hairier than a girls'' explains Owen as he gets into the doggy position after lubing Scott's huge cock for him, ''go a little easy, it's not like a pussy'', Owen warns.. Scott shoves his cock in Owen's butt, ''that's a big dick'' he moans. Scott is very quiet, but starts fucking Owen's butt hard and fast and Owen is loving it, ''do you like my butt'', but Scott isn't a sex talker, he's just horny and seems to be enjoying his first gay fuck. Soon, Owen flips on his back and Scott quickly penetrates him. Owen moans in pleasure as he's being filled up with cock again. Scott rails the boy's hot butt and Owen jacks his own cock and feels up Scott's fit body, and finally when he's at the edge, screams out ''I'm gonna cum'' and shoots his load on his belly, the couch and his hand. His moans as he continues to look right into his new buddy's eyes. Scott fucks him for a bit longer, pulls out and jacks his cock. ''I want it all over my face'' says an almost delirious Owen. So, he repositions himself in front of Scott's cock and opens his mouth, ''give me that fucking cum'', and as Scott moans in orgasmic ecstasy, we see his cum shoot out in spurts right into Owen's mouth as he happily swallows most of it down, the rest visibly dripping into his beard and moustache... ''I wear it well'' says Owen. A match made in heaven! Thank you Caruso.