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''Straight Beach Boy''

Meet Jordan, a cute straight boy who grew up surfing and lifeguarding, which accounts for his deeply tanned complexion and tan lines. Jordan is 29, with brown hair and eyes and a really nice 7'' cut cock. He's here today to do his first ''pussy porn'' video shoot. He's surprised to see another dude, Braxton, sitting on the couch when he enters the set. Braxton, our Bait boy, is a cute, fit Cajun boy from Louisiana. He loves to fuck and get fucked and loves straight dudes he says because they're ''masculine''. And his favorite thing on another guy is a tight, muscular bubble butt. Braxton says he sleeps during the day and has sex all night. When you add all of that sex to the number of times he's done a porn scene over the last ten years, it's so much that he compares it to an ''all you can eat buffet''. And as much sex as Braxton has, Jordan can match that with his heavy drinking. His last girlfriend left him because he wouldn't stop. He said he even keeps a flask at work for when he has a tough customer. This lead to him fucking a girl he interviewed right in the lobby of the building where he worked. His girlfriend also didn't like that he shaved all his body hair. It might have looked better on the beach in his lifeguard speedo, but it scratched the shit out of her. Anyway, back in the studio, the boys are stripping down for the boner test and we get to see Jordan's body for the first time, and it's sexy and fit with a nice amount of muscle. His best feature is a very hot, muscular bubble butt. Needless to say, both boys are soon hard and ready to go. Caruso goes to fetch the girl for the shoot, but soon returns with the news that she never showed up and that he's unable to find a replacement. So, Caruso makes the standard offer of double the money for Jordan to have sex with Braxton. Before Caruso even finished the proposition, Jordan jumped up and ran off the set. Caruso called him back and Jordan reluctantly returned to the couch. Caruso was able to calm him down and eventually talked him into doing a gay scene for TRIPLE the original fee. So, Braxton quickly begins stroking the straight boys cock and Caruso pushes Jordan to jack Braxton's cock. Jordan's dick never gets soft, so apparently he's liking it. Next Braxton sucks Jordan's cock and Jordan says ''he sucks better than my girlfriend''. Caruso has the boys stand up to compare cocks and they rub their dicks together in a hot frot session. Braxton takes the opportunity to move in for a kiss, and surprisingly Jordan moves in half way to meet Braxton's lips and a hot make out session ensues. Now it's Jordan's turn to blow Braxton. He's only going half way down Braxton's cock. Braxton says he likes it, but 'a little less teeth'. Caruso says ''I see you're grabbing Braxton's butt'', and he encourages Jordan to fuck him. Braxton needs no convincing and is already in the doggy position waiting for the other dude's dick. Jordan quickly lubes up and shoves his cock into Braxton's waiting hole. There's lots of moaning and groaning as Jordan fucks him hard. Caruso then says to Jordan, wait until you see the magic Braxton can do with his butt. Braxton gets up and positions his hot ass over Jordan's cock and sits down on it. Jordan fucks into Braxton hard making the dude moan and groan. Braxton jacks his cock furiously and blows his load all over Jordan's chest. Next we see Braxton stroking between Jordan's thighs, running his hand over his hole, encouraging Jordan to cum as he jerks off. Soon enough, and silently, Jordan releases a fountain of cum onto his belly. All sweaty and messy, Caruso sends them off to the shower. Watch 'After the Shoot' for Jordan's reaction to what just happened.