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''For the cock lover in you.''

If you love big cocks in the range of 9-10 thick inches, you're going to love this video. First we have our returning Bait boy Alexander Greene who came to us back in 2011 identifying as straight, but as soon as we got him to have gay sex he was hooked. We were soon booking him out on one porn shoot after the other, gay, straight, bi, if it had a hole he'd fuck it. Alexander returned in 2012 which was the last time he was here, and this time he was the Bait, tricking his college RA (Resident Advisor) who is straight, into having sex with him - a fantasy fufilled. Now Alexander is back in town and he contacted Caruso for some work. He enjoyed being a Bait boy and wanted to give it another shot. Alexander is now 25, he's 5'10'' with a sexy slender body and big thick 9'' dick which has been inside more ass and pussy than we can count. He considers himself as 'open sexually' and has both a boyfriend and girlfriend to satisfy his needs. Now, for the cock lover in you, Caruso decided to bring in a straight dude who you could only describe as a super hung, monster, muscle stud with a huge, thick 10'' cock named Osiris. Osiris is a bodybuilder and everything on him his big, pecs, thighs legs and bubble butt. He likes all kinds of girls, but especially those with a big booty. Caruso has the boys strip down and get hard and it doesn't take a long time for these two huge cocks to expand to their maximum length. So, Caruso goes to get the 'girl' and soon returns with the bad news, there's no girl for the scene, and there's only one way the guys can make money. We all know what that is, get paid double the money to have sex with each other. ''Fuck man... I wasn't expecting anything like this'' says Osiris. Caruso explains that he shoots all kinds of porn in the studio, straight, gay, bi, lesbian, and it's just a job. Osiris is squirming a bit as thinks about what to do. He needs the fucking money, but he doesn't want to have gay sex. Eventually, the money wins the fight and Osiris says as long as he's getting double he'll do it. Soon enough the guys are jacking each other's big cocks and then Alexander goes down on Osiris who tells Caruso ''he's better than a girl''. Caruso tells Osiris to return the favor, so he takes Alexander's 9 inches into his mouth and does a respectable job of cocksucking while he unconciously keeps on stroking his own hard 10 inches. Caruso now has the guys stand up to compare cocks, but there's not much difference - when you get into the 9-10 inch range does an inch really matter anyway? Alexander takes this opportunity being so close to Osiris to go in for a kiss, ''hey man what're you doing'' says Osiris as he quickly backs away. But, Alexander isn't giving up and he goes for it again. This time he catches Osiris off guard and the dude just gets into a make out session while they continue to stroke each others cock. ''Ready for some fucking'' asks Caruso. Osiris quickly lets Caruso know that he's not getting fucked, so Alexander volunteers - he's been eyeing that giant 10 inch cock since Osiris first took his underwear off. But, Osiris has gone limp, so Alexander gets down on his knees and starts sucking the dude, and he quickly gets hard again. Osiris puts a rubber on, lubes up and shoves that beautiful, giant cock right into Alexanders horny hole and starts fucking him doggy style. We hear Alexander moaning and groaning as he's first penetrated, but the good feelings start coming quick and we can see as soon as he starts enjoying it. This goes on for a while and Caruso has an idea, he's going to try and get Osiris to give anal a shot. Afterall, the stud is getting paid double, so why not. Osiris gives in and agrees to take Alexander's 9 incher up his butt. Does he know what he's in for? Caruso warns him to lube his hole real good. Alexander starts pushing his cock into Osiris' hole and there's some real pain as he groans and grunts until the entire 9 inches are up inside him and then he groans and grunts some more as Alexander starts fucking him. At some point it must've started to feel good for Osiris, because he's jacking his cock and it's getting hard. Meanwhile, Alexander is on the edge and can't hold back. He rips of his rubber and jacks a big load onto Osiris' massive, muscular thigh. Feeling this must've triggered Osiris and soon he was shooting his own huge load all over his belly and torso! Nineteen inches of thick cock for the cock lover in you!