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'Miami Amateurs''

Caruso is always getting requests for more amateur videos with 'regular' guys. So, this week BaitBuddies.com has gone all amateur using hometown guys from Miami. If this is your thing, you're going to really like this scene. This week’s straight guy is Kenny, a 19 year old college student, and, what college student ever has enough money, well the ones that come here always need cash. So, Kenny shows up at our sister talent agency next door. He's looking to fuck pussy and make some money doing it. The talent intake person knew that he didn't have the right stuff for the agency, but since he's straight, he sent the guy over to Caruso. Now, we're always getting model submissions through the site, and Caruso screens them all. He remembered Jason who said he'd do just about anything to try being the Bait guy. What the common thread is between Jason and Kenny was that they were both local from Miami and both Cuban boys. Caruso decided to bring the guys together for ''Miami Amateurs''. Both guys had never done porn, they look like your 'regular' guy. Jason is a chemical engineering college student who is also a pretty experienced musician who can play 10 instruments, and after this video, can play an 11th instrument- a cock. Jason is our Bait guy and he makes a living with photography, he mostly does parties, but his real passion is filmmaking and to that end he's done several shorts, but wants to be involved in bigger projects.

So Caruso brings in Jason first for a short interview and very soon is introducing him to Kenny. He explains that being porn newbies, they would have to strip down and get their cocks hard before he can bring a girl in. Well, being on a porn set in a porn studio for the first time and watching porn, it didn't take the guys too long to get hard. Caruso sees this and tells them he's going to get the 'girl'. Unfortunately, he has to deliver the bad news, the girl got a sunburn which is peeling and she's not camera ready - there's no girl available for the shoot. But, Caruso tells them he has a way that they can both make double the money. They guys want to know more, Jason is in on the game and just says he needs the money so he'll do it. And to Caruso's surprise, there was really no push back by Kenny. He's a horny 19 year old and he just wanted the money, so he jumped right in and agreed he'd try it for the money. Caruso starts them with a mutual jack off session and Kenny says ''it feels'' great. When Jason bends over takes Kenny's cock into his mouth, Kenny is really getting off on the blowjob and tells this to Caruso. A short frot and makeout session ensues and then the big question comes up ''do you want to fuck Jason'' Caruso asks Kenny. Kenny enthusiastically says yes. So they lube up and Kenny shoves his cock into Jason's hot hole and fucks him hard. It's all going well for a while, but then Kenny stops and tells Caruso that fucking Jason was too weird for him. He was too masculine and the hairy ass was turning him off. The only option at this point was having the newbies sitting side by side doing a buddy jack off. Jason cums first as Kenny is watching and this seems to trigger the 19 year old teenager to bust his own nut. Watch after the shoot to hear what the guys have to say about their first time porn experience!