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Round Two

As we have said time and time again, Caruso is the number one matchmaker in gay4pay straight guy porn and this week's scene is all the proof you need!

Our super hot bait boy Owen is back and he is not alone. That's because Scott, our straight, contacted Caruso to see if he could come back to explore a little more. He requested Owen again since Owen was the first dude he's ever done anything with. This time things are going to be a little different... Scott is going to bottom for his first time ever!!!

Both guys waste no time and get right to work by taking off each other's clothes. Owen quickly drops to his knees and takes Scott's thick dick all the way in his mouth. Scott's cock grows rock hard in a matter of seconds as Owen sucks it with all his might. When Owen decides to come up for air, both guys engage in a hot and intense make out session. Scott quickly repays the favor and guzzles down Owen's throbbing cock. Owen is so turned on at the fact that he's getting a second chance with Scott that he tells Scott to lay on his back and lift his legs. No, he's not going to fuck this straight boy just yet, he's going to eat his ass for a while! Check out the expressions that Scott makes while Owen rams his tongue in Scott's virgin hole. After working his ass a little, Owen grabs a condom and lubes up. Owen slowly slides his big dick in Scott's ass. Being the good top he is, Owen asks his buddy "are you okay?" Scott just nods and Owen pushes in deeper. Once he sees that Scott is getting into it, he starts to fuck him harder! Scott tells him that he can't take it anymore and that he wants to fuck Owen. Owen's face lights up as Scott puts on a condom! Scott directs Owen to sit on his cock and just like that, Owen starts to ride him. Both hunks go at it hard before Owen shoots his load while still riding Scott's cock. Scott stands up and jacks off a huge hot load in Owen's mouth. Gobble Gobble!