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From Russia With Luv!

Javier is back and better than ever! In Caruso's own words we are seeing "the evolution of Javier!" Although he recently started a new job and is working crazy hours, Javier is still bulking up and growing out his beard. Over time he has become more and more addicted to straight dick and the bigger the dick the better!

Caruso was recently contacted by Sasha Alexander and even though this straight guy grew up in the USA, his Russian genes are quite obvious. He's only 22, but at 6 foot tall and packing a cock almost as big as his forearm, this guy is just what Caruso was looking for. Sasha has light brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and an 8.5'' cock that's perfect for sucking and fucking!

Caruso has both guys strip down and prove that they can work their cocks up. While watching porn and stroking their dicks, Caruso walks in to deliver the bad news. No girl today... Without any other options, Caruso suggests they do a gay for pay scene. Looking worried, Sasha looks over at Javier and says "you're straight right"? "Umm hmm." Replies Javier. So with that Sasha agrees to let Javier work his cock back up. It doesn't take long before both guys are rock hard ready to move on to the next stage! Sasha stands up and Javier chows down on his thick Russian tool. "It's pretty nice!" says Sasha. Javier stands up and starts rubbing their dicks together. Since Sasha has been so intrigued but Javier's foreskin, Javier decided to teach him about docking. Because both guys are so hard, Javier has a hard time rolling his skin over Sasha's fat head but in the end he manages to. Next it's time for Sasha to taste it. He drops to his knees and starts sucking Javier's cock. After a while Javier turns around and sticks his big Latin bubble butt in Sasha's face. Sasha can't help but to squeeze and smack it. Not wasting a minute, Sasha puts and condom on and lubes up. Javier straddles Sasha because sitting down and taking all 8.5 inches like a champ!

After riding Sasha's big schlong, Javier flips on his back and takes it in again. Sasha pounds Javier until Javier busts his load and then Sasha pulls out and shoots his huge load all the way up Javier's stomach and chest!