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Greek Love

It's been about a year since our hot bait boy Toby Springs has been here and each time he comes back he's more and more experienced in gay for pay porn. Lucky for him, he has a girlfriend or as he calls her a "friend with benefits", that is completely fine with him having sex with other men! At Toby's ripe young age of 24 he has plenty of sex to go around!

Caruso brings in a 34 year old Greek exhibionist Geoff Gregorio. He's 34, 5'6'', 130 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair, and a fat 7'' dick! Geoff loves sex and loves having an audience watching him fuck! He's pretty much done it all sexually except having sex with another dude. You can imagine Geoff's reaction when Caruso walks back in the room to break the bad news. Sadly the girl has friction burns and can't make it. With only one option left and double the money offered, Geoff agrees to give it a try.

Toby reaches over and starts stroking Geoff's cock. Geoff doesn't know what to think or how to react with another man jacking him off. Caruso has Geoff start stroking Toby's dick and Geoff becomes completely fascinated in what he's doing. Toby bends over and starts sucking Geoff's cock and Geoff's eyes roll back in his head. He's clearly enjoying every moment of his new experience and decides to take it to another level by returning the favor and blowing Toby!

After a while Caruso has both guys stand up and rub their cocks together. Toby can tell that Geoff is really getting into it so he leans in for a kiss. Both guys make out for a while until Toby can't take it anymore and wants Geoff's cock inside him. Toby bends over while Geoff slips on a condom and some lube. Geoff slowing goes in but it isn't long before he's pounding Toby's ass. Toby flips over so Geoff can really fuck him hard. Toby starts talking dirty to Geoff saying "I want you to cum all over me!" Geoff can't take his new experience and the dirty talk for much longer so he pulls out a shoots a huge load all up Toby's stomach. Toby can't hold back either and shoots a hot load of his own!