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Caruso welcomes back a popular BaitBuddies alumni Steven Ponce this week.  It has been a couple years since we last saw Steven and he has been working out, beefing up and growing out his body hair.  Woof, he is one hot Ginger.  Steven has always told Caruso that he loves big dicks and in his own words, “the bigger the better!”  Well, Caruso wanted to challenge Steven and  when we first get a glimpse of our straight guy Noah's flaccid cock and it hangs almost halfway to his knees, we knew Steven was in for a challenge for sure.  Once Noah gets all 10.5 Inches of that cock hard, you can almost see the saliva in Steven's mouth as he anticipates what is to come.  When Caruso delivers the news to Noah that the female did not show up for the shoot and offers to pay him double to have sex with Steven, he gets very quiet for a few seconds.  You can almost hear the internal debate going on in his head as he ponders the situation.  At first he says no, but with a little convincing he agrees and without hesitation, Steven is working on his huge cock.  Steven gets Noah's cock hard again and then starts sucking it.  He shocks Noah by deep throating all 10.5 inches without missing a beat.  Steven then initiates a kiss with Noah and the two seem to get totally lost in the moment.  Noah then sucks Steven's cock and he does quite a nice job for his first time.  The moment of truth comes when Steven climbs on Noah's cock and begins riding his huge cock deep in his ass.  He then turns around facing the camera and continues to ride until he cannot hold back and he shoots a massive load of cum all over Noah's thigh.  Noah then stands up and Steven tells Caruso that he wants Noah to shoot his cum in his mouth.  Of course he does and Steven cherishes every tasty drop.  Enjoy!