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Dustin Steele is back in the studio trying to expand his horizons a little more. Now that he's experimented a little more and is currently single, he's back to take a big dick in his cute and tight bubble butt!

Caruso brings in our new straight guy named Lex. This guy has the total package! He's 31 and exudes sex. At 5'11, 170lbs, with an 8 inch thick cock, Lex is a perfect match for Dustin.

After Caruso breaks the bad news that the girl can't make it, he gives both guys another option. Caruso offers double the money to which Lex can't resist. He caves in and after a little awkwardness, Lex reaches over and starts stroking Dustin's cock. Both guys stroke each other's cocks until Dustin leans in and starts blowing Lex. Lex is loving every minute of it and his cock shows it! Caruso suggests that Lex return the favor to which he refused by saying, "Sorry but I gotta draw the line somewhere." Dustin wasn't letting him off this easy so he asked Lex if he would fuck him. Lex agrees but only under the condition that nobody is fucking him. Lex lubes up and works his cock inside Dustin's tight hole! Dustin moans and groans as Lex pushes forward. "You okay man" asks Lex. "uh huh" says Dustin as he braces for more. Lex makes his way in and starts to pound Dustin. Dustin flips over on his back so that he can bust a nut while Lex fucks him. It isn't long before Dustin is spraying his manhood all over his chest. "Bring him back!" says Dustin. But Lex isn't finished yet. He still needs to shoot. Lex gets up and straddles Dustin's face before busting a huge load of his own!