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The super hot and ripped Trey Turner is back and looking as good as ever! Trey gets plenty of sex but he loves having sex with straight men so he came back to the studio for just that!

Joey is the newest straight guy to end up on our couch. He comes off a little shy and nervous but he starts to chill out once Caruso has both guys stand up and strip down to nothing. Joey clearly hits the gym and has the body to prove it. He's 6', 200lbs of muscle, with hazel eyes, and short brown hair.

Caruso comes back in the room to deliver the bad news. Once again, the girl has flaked out and the only option for everyone to make money is for both guys to have sex with each other. Joey didn't really like that news and his cock didn't either. But, when Caruso asks him if he's ever thought about hooking up with another dude, he stated that maybe it's crossed his mind on a drunken night!

Now, Trey has his confirmation so he moved in to take over stroking Joey's cock. After a couple of minutes, Joey is rock hard so Trey leans in and starts sucking his dick. Joey's facial expressions show just how much he likes getting head from another dude so Caruso tells him to return the favor! Trey stands up and Joey drops to his knees and starts sucking! He's a great cocksucker for his first time!!!

Trey has had enough and he's ready to get Joey's dick inside him. Joey puts on a condom, lubes up, and goes in deep! Watch Joey fuck the cum out of Trey before shooting a hot load of his own!