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This is a ''Special Thanksgiving'' edition of BaitBuddies.  We are welcoming back Josh Long after almost three years out of the business.  When he started out doing porn in 2012, BaitBuddies was one of his first scenes he ever shot as a new Gay4Pay Porn Star and it is a nice homecoming to have Josh back with us after all these years.

Just a few days after Buddy Mason shot with Caruso, he contacted him and said he wanted to do some more.  So, when Caruso got a call from Josh Long that he was wanting to come back and shoot again, he thought it would be a great pairing to have him top Buddy Mason in his 1st bottoming scene.  Buddy immediately resonated with members of the site and Josh is one of the sites most popular models, so this pairing was destined to be hot.  Josh is a little beefier and hairier than we last saw him, but he still is sexy as hell and has that charisma and charm that just makes your heart melt.  Buddy was nervous at first, but as soon as the action began, it was as if he has been wanting to be fucked his whole life.

In the After The Shoot interview he even says ''I don’t know why I was so scared of this side of me all these years!''

Well from all of us here at BaitBuddies, Happy Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful to have you as a member of the site.