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If blond hair and blue eyes are a turn on for you, then we have a treat for you this week!

Let's start off with Scott Riley. He's back by popular demand as our bait and we never get tired of seeing his great body and how he puts it to good use! Scott is always up for having sex with a straight dude and he's always horny!

Next up, is straight newbie Phoenix Williams. He's 27 but looks much younger, has a nice slender build, blue eyes, blond hair, tight bubble butt, and rock hard cock!

Caruso returns to tell the guys that our girl can't make it today. Lucky for them, Caruso has another option. How about have sex with each other for double the money? Phoenix was so disappointed but with the help of Caruso and Scott, he finally agreed to give it a shot.

Scott takes charge and gives Phoenix a handjob. Phoenix seems to like it so Scott leans in and starts blowing him. You can see that Phoenix is in pure bliss as his eyes roll back in his head so Scott moves up and starts kissing him. After Phoenix returns the favor and blows Scott, Caruso brings up the fact that Phoenix has had a strap-on in his ass before so why not try the real thing. At that point, Phoenix was so turned on that he just couldn't say no!