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Erick is our new bait boy this week and we think you're going to love him! He's 32, with blond hair and blue eyes, ripped, and has a fat uncut Russian cock!

Erick Has been in the United States for a little over four years and he loves the gay scene here but even more, he loves trying to hook up with straight black men!

Caruso brings in our new straight guy Derek and introduces him to Erick. Erick can barely contain himself because Derek is his dream come true! He stands at 6' 2'', has a killer body, a fat 8'' cock, and he's black!

When Caruso comes back to deliver the bad news that the girl can't make it, Derek's cock stays hard. Clearly, he's really horny and will do anything to get off. With a little more convincing, Derek finally agrees. Erick takes over and grabs Derek's dick. He strokes it for about a minute before dropping to his knees and shoving it in his mouth! This gets Derek really turned on and he starts to get into it a little more. Watch both hunks go at it! You don't want to miss this one!