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Mike M is back in the studio to make some cash and believe it or not, he also wants to get fucked! Mike was here a while back and had his first experience with another guy. He was freaked out at first but by the end of shooting, he chilled out a bit. Mike is a big guy in more ways than one and after letting his girlfriend use her toys on him, he decided that he wants to see what the real thing feels like!

Chandler is our new straight guy this week. He's your all American guy with blond hair and blue eyes, and a big dick! He's only 26 but he's had a lot of experience in the sex department!

Both guys have girlfriends that don't know they're here but they both need cash bad. So, Caruso has them strip down and work their cocks up. After a few minutes, both guys are rock hard and ready. That's when Caruso comes back to let them know that the female talent can't make it. Chandler starts to get really nervous but once Caruso offers more money, he just can't resist.

Mike jumps in and starts stroking Chandler and Chandler returns the favor. Before you know it, both guys are taking turns sucking each other off. Mike can't wait another minute and is ready to get Chandler's big dick in his ass. Chandler puts on a condom and lubes up. Watch Chandler fuck a huge load of our Mike before shooting a huge load of his own!